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Countless copies have been made of the Gibson Explorer by many different companies, some good, (Hammer, Ibanez) and some bad, (yes, this one).


The shape is pretty much bang on, along with all the hardware placement and Gibson logo. The obvious giveaways are the incorrect truss rod cover and the tell tell Gibson decals on the pick ups, they just don’t come on a real Gibson.

It does look pretty legit and from a distance it could pass off as some sort of Gibson Explorer Menace, perhaps. Certainly good for those Pete Townsend moments where you appear to smash up a “professional grade” instrument at the end of a show. Problem is, if you have to do this, it is best that the guitar is played before it is destroyed. Don’t play your very nice guitar all through a gig and then suddenly walk off at the end and then reappear with a “Les Paul” to smash up. It doesn’t look good. Just ask my mate Jim.