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Well it might. Here  is the new rather nice looking LP Studio tribute 50, at $1,399 MSRP it is relatively affordable and quite frankly looks pretty damn, er, pretty.

These things are coming out in various “worn” finishes but it is the Gold Top pictured above that caught my eye. It looks a lot like a ’56 reissue minus binding, (except for knobs and logo inlay and Custom Shop playability) so watch out for the serial numbers, and how do you feel if you were only forking out for the Custom Shop version just for the looks?

Here’s one you can buy for a lot less yen.

It just takes one con man to change the truss rod cover and slap on a pick guard, voila! a ’56 for that hard to get big payday or add Top Hats and it’s a Gold Top Studio 50s Tribute, (with binding?) except for the obvious…

That headstock is terrible, it looks like they sort of gave up shaping it properly. The Gibson logo is almost off the end of it and if we had a side on view you’d bet the angle is wrong. (also notice frets going over the binding ).