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Ok, the Zakk Wylde V was posted because I thought the site had been taken down, I was checking my bookmarks and brought up the page and they’re still in business, and with a broader range. Les Pauls, SGs, the odd Firebird, those I can tell at a quick glance but I would never have thought that they would have fake Blueshawks. I guess it makes sense, Gibson doesn’t make them anymore and they enjoy a cult following, (and I mean that in an affectionate way).

The body shape and the hardware placement all look correct, fortunately one look at the headstock shows it isn’t a real gibson. The angle of the Gibson logo is incorrect and the tell tale truss rod cover gives it away.

Flip the guitar around and on the back of the headstock we see that the serial number is wrong. For a start it’s not stamped in and it starts with a U, the real ones don’t. Also notice the “Made In USA” right underneath the serial number, this is usually found lower down. For Blueshawk, and in fact all Hawk related information check out for an incredible amount of knowledge on these now discontinued guitars.

Look at the truss rod cover. Simple as that.

Classic example of a fake Les Paul with Gibson on the truss rod cover

If the truss rod cover has three screws in it, (apart from the ’67 Flying V, Firebirds and Sonex) your looking at a counterfeit, if it has Gibson written on it as well then it’s possibly an Epiphone, (if you’re lucky), but what it definitely isn’t, is a Gibson. Gibson Baldwin manufacture student model guitars where you may find truss rod covers with three screws, as well as bolt on necks, these are not to be confused with the high end Gibson USA guitars.(pictures from