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Look at the size of that 12 string headstock! That could be used in an olde English boat race, just cut the neck off at the body and heave, and heave, and hea…

It’s a fake EDS-1275, and while the general body shape isn’t an immediate giveaway there are plenty more on offer.


Apart from the oversized 12 string headstock, dodgy headstocks and the usual pick up cover decals, (never on a real Gibson), the most noticeable thing to a Gibson fan boy is that it has three control knobs, meaning three pots, meaning where the hell did the other Tone (we’ll assume) pot go? Fine on my Flying V, or on an Explorer, but an EDS-1275, like the SG and the Les Paul before it, should have two Volume Controls and two Tone Controls, which this doesn’t have. Add to the use of single ply scratch plate and truss rod covers, and the usual frets being put in place after the binding there is no doubt that this is a fake.

The biggest mystery to me is not it’s authenticity, it’s where do you plug it in?  There is no input for your guitar cable to plug into, not content with making copies of robot guitar do they now employ built in wireless?


Double Trouble

A couple of genuine EDS-1275’s are kicking around on the world’s favourite auction site at the moment, I even put a bit of a bid on one of them claiming a Stairway To Heaven influence was to blame. My real reason of course was due to an unhealthy interest in all things Guns N’ Roses and wanted to recreate Slash playing Knocking On Heavens Door. And then my eyes saw this…

Well, the real ones had low starting bids so that wasn’t what gave it away, as per usual the headstock(s) tell a lot; with the Gibson logo not quite right and for some reason they have Les Paul’s signature emblazoned on it, the real ones don’t have Lester Polsfuss’ famous sobriquet on them.
Also for a new guitar the selector switch seems to have an unusually large ring around it, not to mention the mess they’ve made of the pot placements.