Emmett’s Hollow-body Les Paul

Emmett wrote in about this hokum hollow-body LP:

From Emmett; “I came across what appears to be a fake Gibson Hollowbody Les Paul. While I think I’ve seen a hollowbody Paul before, this one just looks wrong. The headstock shape and angle look off, there are the telltale stickers over the pickups, the truss rod cover is blank and looks to be too close to the split diamond inlay, which also looks a little strange. Lastly, it seems odd that this seemingly brand new guitar Les Paul Custom would ship with a low end soft shell case”.

Emmett is correct on every count, this one’s a fake. The original, Les Paul Florentine (that this hollw-body fake is emulating), was around in the mid to late 1990’s before being discontinued, though you can probably order one from the Gibson Custom Shop. The Les Paul Florentine had a limited run of 350 in 2009 with a slightly wider cutaway, Bigsby vibrato and no f holes.

Thank you to Emmet for the email and picture.

R.I.P. Gary Moore 1952-2011

Gary Moore has passed away, the former member of Thin Lizzy, BBM and solo artist was on holiday in Estepona, Spain at the time of his death.

And this one appears to have a carved back with no cavity covers, like a real one.

Fortunately the “almost new” guitar would not have needed a re-fret so we shouldn’t see the frets going over the binding, but we do. Also the logo on the headstock isn’t quite right, it looks fine from a casual glance, but it isn’t right. The humbucker surrounds look pretty cheap as well and serial number seems to have been stamped in and then highlighted with white out/liquid paper/tip-ex, so yeah, fake.

Spotted by Peter Howard in the UK, this Les Paul Corvette is a lot more deceptive than the previous one shown on this website. For a start the headstock on this one is very close to the real one, the ‘Corvette’ inlay on the fretboard is almost in the same place as the original and the serial number is at least in the same ball park as a real one.

The truss rod cover on the genuine ones are a silver metallic with 1960 on them, there is also engraving featured on the pick up covers. The edge of the white area on the top of the body, (that is a slightly different shape to the fakes) should have a raised surround and the selector switch cavity cover should have special engraving.

Thank you Peter for your email and telling us about this newer copy of the Les Paul Corvette.

Peter Frampton’s original ‘Comes Alive’ Les Paul Custom was lost in a 1980 plane crash, Gibson’s Custom Shop has recreated it, sort of. This one, spotted by Wayne Bauman in Australia, was recreated by someone else…

“Hey guys, thought you might want to chuck this
on your web site. I’m pretty sure this is a fake les paul custom
listed on ebay item number 1605296000**. It’s got all the tell tale
signs from the stickers on the pick up to the pot cover on the
back. The neck looks like rosewood as well. I chucked the serial
number into guitar date coder and it came up as built in 2005. This
guitar is listed as brand new and if it is a custom should have CS
printed on the serial number as well. I would like to thank you
guys a lot for your web site. I brought a fake zakk wild custom off
ebay and saw that exact guitar on your web site (Zakk attack). I was able to get my
money back thank god but not without your help. Anyways check this
out and let me know what you think. Regards Wayne Bauman”

Wayne’s right on all his points, check out the dodgy serial number on the back of the headstock, as well as the decal/sticker on the back of the guitar, these are often found on the fakes. Thanks for the email and the pictures Wayne.