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Storage Details

Aerial Photography Equipment including cameras, platforms and mini drones ranging from £400 ~ £34000 flight tested and certified before dispatch.

Popular low cost models are available for less than £900 and give acceptable Video results for semi-professionals and can fly a programmed route so great for Stunt Scenes or just capturing a specific trail from above.

Max Weight to fly is around 8 Kgs of battery and camera equipment for multi-blade professional platforms.

On A budget - but need quality results?

The DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter is a prosumer quadcopter, offering video capability, GPS integration, excellent levels of control and smoothness, and the ability to program multiple waypoints and have the quadcopter operate almost  autonomously.

This is a relatively low cost  model, with professional capabilities, packaged into a an easily understandable tablet or Iphone  interface.

Interesting to anyone for amateur or semi professional aerial video work. offers an integrated video camera.

Storage and Workstations

Various Blade and Rack Servers for render design and compute applications  all with low power consumption per compute cycle and a plethora of processors and connectivity options. Call for application or details.

Hi Availability Visual Engineering systems with multiple workstations, storage and servers into the same 19” rack mounted cabinet.

We also offer a full range of connectivity appliances such as ATTO, and can build you a low cost hi speed raid system for a fraction of the standard enterprise devices with similar performance and power consumption if 99.99999% availability or a corp style budget is not the most important items on your radar.

Alternative desk top devices may fit the bill too!

Aerial Photography Platforms and Storage

High Speed Retrieval platforms for Media

Other Related services ….

Transportation Products and Services   

We stock several regular services parts for your rugged transport to site.

We provide Maintenance and training for popular 4 x 4’s and classic Flat Six engined vehicles.

We stock, produce and locate instructional videos on a range of related equipment.

We can suggest popular performance upgrades or obtain them for you and ship to you at fair prices.

We locate hard to find parts and deliver for custom and classic two and four wheel  vehicles including:

We offer procurement services for  any size of project.

We also stock service parts and fitting videos for the above and can provide one-off bespoke design services