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XZX-Pro is a portable emulator of ZX Spectrum 48K/128K/+3 (8-bit home computers made by Sir Clive Sinclair) and Spectrum clones, for machines running UNIX and the X Window system. XZX-Pro is completely written in C. It initially was based on XZX 1.0.2 by Des Herriott, but has been completely rewritten since then.

  • ZX Spectrum 48K, 128K, +2 and +3, Pentagon and Scorpion, Didaktik
  • Interface I with up to 8 microdrives,
  • Multiface 1, Multiface 128 and Multiface 3
  • Beta 128 interface by Technology Research Ltd with 4 disk drives,
  • +D interface by Miles Gordon Technology with 2 disk drives,
  • D80 disk interface with 2 disk drives,
  • ZX Printer,
  • Kempston mouse,
  • Sinclair, Cursor and Kempston joysticks,
  • Fuller Audio Box and
  • built-in machine code monitor.
Loads from:
  • snapshots in .SNA, .Z80, .SLT or .DAT format,
  • tape images in .TAP, .TZX, or .VOC format,
  • microdrive cartridge images in .MDR format,
  • disk images in .DSK, .TRD, .FDI, .SCL, HOBETA, .MGT, .IMG or .D80 format,
  • screen dumps in .SCR format and
  • poke instructions in .POK or .TZX format.
Saves to:
  • snapshots in .SNA, .Z80 or .SLT format,
  • tape images in .TAP, .TZX, or .VOC format,
  • microdrive cartridge images in .MDR format,
  • disk images in .DSK, .TRD, .MGT, .IMG or .D80 format,
  • screen dumps in .SCR or .XPM format and
  • audio fles in .PSG or .WAV format.
Additional features:
  • Emulates Spectrum's speaker and AY-3-8912 chip on workstations with audio hardware.
  • Supports colour (8,15,16,24,32bpp) and monochrome displays, where contrasting colours are displayed with the darker colour in black and the lighter colour in white, which works reasonably well.
  • Supports full screen mode on X servers with the XF86VidMode extension.
  • Built-in VNC server for multiplayer games.
  • Supports analogue joystick on PCs with a joystick device.
  • Redirects Spectrum's printer output to a file or command (pipe).
  • Connects Interface I's RS232 to the workstation's serial device.

XZX-Pro is known to work on the following machines/operating systems:

PlatformOperating System
SparcSolaris, SunOS 4.x, Linux, NetBSD
IntelSVR4, SCO, SINIX, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris
MipsSVR4, DEC Ultrix, SGI Irix, SINIX, Linux, NetBSD
IBM RS6000AIX 3.2.x
Hewlett PackardHP-UX
DEC AlphaOSF/1, Linux
Motorola 68KBull B.O.S., Linux
PowerPCLinux, AIX 4.1.x, Darwin, Mac OS X

More information about XZX-Pro including FAQ, porting information, command line options, keys bindings, and other useful stuff, can be found in the XZX-Pro documentation. I'm sorry for being unable to maintain an HTMLized version.

If you would like to extend XZX-Pro, port it to a new system, write new drivers, add features, etc., please contact me by email or some other means.

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