Matcha: Japanese Powdered Green Tea

Maccha,( powdered green tea )

Matcha is a fine ground powdered green tea. It isn't the same as green tea powder. It's a high quality and expensive. Matcha is made from shade grown tea leaves also used to make gyokuro

Powdered green tea.

We need tea whisk (Chasenfor making of Matcha. Tea whisk is a bamboo whisk used to stir and whip powdered tea. Tea bowl (Chawan), spoon (Chasen), caddy (Natsume)and cloth (Chakin) are also required, but we can use other things instead of them. Although there are traditional manners in the Japanese tea ceremony, I usually enjoy to make and drink Matcha more freely.

Tea whisk (chasen) and tea bowl (chawan)
Tea whisk (chasen) and tea bowl (chawan)

Making maccha (powdered green tea)

Powdered green tea is also used to flavor sweets like ice cream and cake, season tempura with salt, and so on. I love Matcha and also love the food of powdered green tea taste.

Powdered green tea called maccha

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