Process: Step Four – Gifting


AAI facilitates dedication events, shipping, insurance and displays.


We do business in a way that opens up a new world of possibilities for collectors, philanthropists, investors and donors as well as seminaries, synagogues, churches, ministries, universities and museums.

Entrusting irreplaceable artifacts to conscientious guardians is one of our goals.

Many of the artifacts haven’t seen the light of day for hundreds of years. Our vision is to be a catalyst for nothing less than a global movement that results in these artifacts being placed with good people who will care for them and share them with the world again, Our business model does this to the benefit of all involved, including the financial benefit of our clients.

AAI can recommend suitable recipients, matching the artifact with appropriate non-profit organizations – organizations that would likely never have the opportunity to possess rare biblical artifacts were it not for the generosity of our clients.

• Churches and synagogues can own and display real pieces of their spiritual heritage.

• Teachers and lecturers can show powerful physical evidence of the history and transmission of scripture.

• Research institutions can take manuscript investigation to new levels.

• Universities and seminaries can give students hands-on experience with real antiquities.

• Mobile exhibitions can travel the world, sharing the history and timeless message of the ancient scriptures.

• Museums can preserve and share irreplaceable artifacts for generations to come.

Dedication Events for Fall 2014

At the client’s request, AAI can coordinate unveilings, dedication events and training seminars for donors and recipients. When an artifact sells or is gifted, the transfer of stewardship can be a significant event for all involved as the artifact is given new life in a new community. We make sure that transfer is meaningful and secure.

September 18: Trinity International University (Deerfield, IL)

September 30: The Master’s Seminary (Sun Valley, CA)

November 13: Trinity Western Seminary (Vancouver, BC)

November 18: Wheaton College (Wheaton, IL)

December 3: Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Ft. Worth, TX)

Decemver 5: Dallas Theological Seminary (Dallas, TX) 


Shipping, Storage, Insurance and Displays

AAI supports our clients and guardian organizations in all aspects of artifact ownership. You may have questions regarding moving a scroll from one end of the continent to the other, figuring out how to safely display papyri at a public event, considering insurance coverage, or determining the best storage options in a given situation. AAI and our network of experts can answer these questions. We can often offer hands-on help to facilitate your objectives.

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