New data published in Atherosclerosis shows a 25% reduction in CVD risk when patients are managed to an LDL-P goal. See the press release. Read the study.
A passion for personalized diagnostics Advancing the quality of patient care

Improving Patient Care One Patient at a Time

At LipoScience, we have a passion for improving patient care. That passion is embodied in our nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) diagnostic technology. Designed to identify and quantify lipoproteins and small molecule metabolites, our proprietary process provides precise, clear, and actionable answers that help physicians and patients proactively manage cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The NMR LipoProfile® test, our first proprietary test, is an FDA-cleared blood test that directly quantifies LDL particles. To date, more than 11 million NMR LipoProfile tests have been ordered.

The Vantera® Clinical Analyzer is the first FDA-cleared platform that utilizes NMR technology. Its ease of use and quick turnaround time helps maximize efficiency and throughput in the clinical laboratory.

As LipoScience looks to the future, we are focused on driving innovation for personalized diagnostics through NMR technology. We are developing assays to address a broad range of diseases including cardiovascular, metabolic disorders and oncology. Because the NMR spectrum is information rich, the potential for LipoScience to be at the forefront of diagnostic breakthroughs is greater now than ever.

See the technology that started it all.

NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) technology was first introduced in the 1950s and has been a mainstay of organic chemists and biochemists for decades. Today, LipoScience uses NMR technology in a novel clinical lab setting to measure lipoproteins for cardiovascular disease management. Efficient, quick, and widely available, NMR technology realizes the promise of individualized medicine by delivering personalized diagnostics.

A More Clinically Reliable Measure of LDL

NMR technology provides personalized cardiovascular disease management with LDL particle number (LDL-P).

Global Research Services

Research is all about furthering the future. Our capabilities give clinical researchers access to the world's largest, high throughput nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) clinical laboratory.