The Best Smartphones are Under $100 on Black Friday

Black Friday is the day we all been waiting for and hoping to scoop the cheapest items that otherwise cost you hundreds of dollars more. While many people are looking for bargain on TV, game consoles, computers, laptops, and coffee makers, the best deals are on smarthones during Black Friday 2013. Let’s take a look at what type of phones you can get for under $100.

Black Friday Sale
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini for Sprint – this is a scale down version of the popular Galaxy S4. It has a smaller screen, less powerful processor. But what you gain is the a lighter package – it weighs only 4.64 oz. It’s much easier to carry and put into you pant pocket. What’s even lighter is the price – only $0.01 out of pocket, a total saving of $500 retail price. It’s available on throughout the holiday shopping season.

LG G2 is normally costs over $200 with a new contract. But you will be able grab this phone for just $49 on Black Friday. This is no ordinary phone. It’s has a much bigger screen than the Galaxy S4 mini. In fact the screen is a full inch larger and it’s getting close the the “Phablet” category. Everywhere else you look now will find the phone on sale for more than $200. Whether you are looking to buy one for yourself or as a gift. The super low price of $49 is hard to ignore.

Google Nexus 5 – this phone was just released the is already out of stock due to the low contract-free price of just $349. If you are willing to be locked with Sprint for the next 24 month you can have the phone for just $49. It’s a smartphone that’s comparable with Galaxy S4 but yet the price is much lower.

HTC One is a phone that you might have forgotten since it was released earlier this year for $200. The price has since dropped to just $99 on a number of third-party retailers. Now national wireless carriers have poured more incentives during Black Friday to sweeten the deals. You will be able to get the HTC One for as low as $49 when you bring your mobile number from another carrier.

iPhone 5s might not have fallen into your budget when it was released a month ago for $200. Sprint is giving you 50% off the phone during their Black Friday sales event. It’s a phone that everyone want and the popular gold color is especially in higher demand. If you can grab one today for that price, don’t wait.

All the smartphones we mentioned cost you a bit less than $100. If you don’t mind getting last year’s model you will be saving significantly on Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s till a very solid and popular choice among teenagers. Great for texting, web browsing, and taking everyday photos.

With all the sales going on now it’s going to be another new record setting year. Before you head out to Sprint retail stores on Black Friday make sure they have the units you want in stock. Call ahead or use their website to check availability. Remember to always compare prices from third-party retailer and in case you find one with lower price you can ask for price match in store.

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