Macospol (Vicenza)

Assembling Stakeholders
Selecting and holding an assembly of stakeholders
Controversy dashboard generator
Get an immediate controversy overview with the Silobreaker tool
Controversy Risk-O-Meter
Locate the risk discourse about your controversy in the web
Controversy Rumors Detector
Use Twitter visualization tools to investigate what people is saying about your controversy
Data Visualizations Repositories
Web portals offering digest of data visualization for your controversies
Do controversies really exist?
Disputing the very existence of controversies
Explore your own controversy
Use "quick and dirty" tools to understand and grasp different facets of controversies
How hot is my controversy?
Is your controversy debated and reported in the global news today?
Is an information source partisan?
Detecting hype, skepticism, and schools of thoughts in controversies
Macospol Platform Tutorial
A tutorial for Decision-Makers and Journalists on controversy mapping and the use of the MACOSPOL platform
Macospol Video Tutorial
A video introduction to the world of mapping controversies
Map Your Data
Visualize regional data grids on a worldmap - Turn your numbers into a map
Which are the sub-issues?
Detecting how your controversy is structured
Who are the stakeholders?
Detecting the relevant groups involved in a controversy and their mutual relations
Explore already mapped controversies
See how tools have been previously used by researchers and social scientists