0001 UTC 16th AUGUST TO 2400 UTC 17th AUGUST 2014 (48 hours or part thereof).


CONTACT EVENT ORGANIZER, (KEVIN VK2CE): Click here. GOOGLE EARTH FILE: download here: download gif

ILLW LIGHTHOUSE/LIGHTSHIP NUMBERS ARE HERE. See also the "Guidelines" about Numbers.

Country Call Lighthouse Name ILLW No. QSL Route and other info. Web
Argentina LU2XX /XP Faro San Sebastian AR0044 CC183 CP9420 Rio Grande Tierra del Fuego, Argentina -
Argentina LT5D Faro Punta Mogotes AR0013 QRZ.com Web
Argentina LU1EPC North Breakwater Mar del Plata Cancelled AR0045 QRZ.com -
Argentina LU1EQ /D Cabo san Antonio AR0018 Direct CC.33.CP.1625 Web
Argentina LR8X
Faro Magallanes AR0047 CC183 CP9420 Rio Grande Tierra del Fuego, Argentina -
Argentina LU1WJY Faro Punta Lobos AR0048  805 El Ceibo St. 9100 Trelew, Chubut, Patagonia, Argentina -
Argentina LU2WA Baliza Astra N/A CC6-CP 9000 Chubut Argentina Web
Argentina LR1ER+ Faro Atalaya (Old) AR0001 Groupo Eco Radio, CC:16 CP 5172 La Falda Cordoba, Argentina Web
Argentina LR1ER+ Baliza Punta Atalaya AR0024 Groupo Eco Radio, CC:16 CP 5172 La Falda Cordoba, Argentina Web
Argentina LU6DM /D Faro Punta Medanos AR0012 Direct +SASE See web site or QRZ.com Web
Argentina LU6WG Baliza Acantilado AR0043 Direct+SASE See web site or QRZ.com Web
Argentina LU8DCH /D
Faro Martin Garcia AR0022 Direct +SASE Estafeta Martin Garcia CP1611 Martin Garcia Island.
Argentina LU8DZE Atalaya (Old)  Cancelled AR0001 PO Box 183, 1900 La Plata, Bs As, Argentina Web
Argentina LW3DSR Querendi AR0034 Direct Web
Argentina LU8DZE Baliza Punta Atalaya  Cancelled
AR0024 QRZ.com Web
Argentina LU8XW /XP Baliza Escarpados. Cancelled see next.
AR0002 PO Box 58 CP 9410 Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina Web
Argentina LU8XW Les Eclaireurs, Beagle Channel
AR0052 PO Box 58 CP 9410 Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina Web
Argentina LU9EV /D Faro Quequen AR0004 58n:3030 cp7630 Necochea pcia Buenos Aires Argentina or Buro Web
Argentina  18
LU9JMG+ Stella Maris AR0020 SASE to Juan Peron 205, Concepcion del Uruguay Entre Rios 3260 Argentina Web
Aruba  1 P43ARC California Lighthouse AW0001 Buro Web
Australia VK2ATZ Norah Head Lighthouse AU0024 Buro -
Australia VK2AWG /5 Point Malcolm AU0029 Buro -
Australia VK2BOR Tacking Point Port Macquarie AU0034 QRZ.com -
Australia VK2BV /p Macquarie Lighthouse AU0022 Buro, direct or LoTW Web
Australia VK2CE Greencape Lightstation AU0020 Buro or direct Web
Australia VK2CL /p Nobby's Head AU0083 VK2IR PO Box 13 Sans Souci, 2219 NSW Australia Web
Australia VK2EP Smoky Cape AU0031 POB 655 Coffs Harbour. NSW 2450 Web
Australia VK2FRE Crowdy Head AU0044 PO Box 712 Taree NSW 2430 Web
Australia VK2GEL Fingal Head AU0115 QRZ.com -
Australia VK2GLR Sugarloaf Point, Seal Rocks AU0033 VK2HBI -
Australia VK2HBG /p Warden Head Lighthouse, Ulladulla AU0035 Buro or direct -
Australia VK2IAN Crookhaven Heads AU0047 Direct -
Australia VK2JUB Evans Head lighthouse AU0018 VK2SRC via QRZ.com Web
Australia VK2MB Barrenjoey Lighthouse AU0046 Buro to VK2MB Web
Australia VK3ANR Point Henry Signal Station AU0084 Direct or buro -
Australia VK3APC Eastern Light McCrae AU0017 VK3APC Web
Australia VK3ATX Gabo Island AU0080 See web site and QRZ.com Web
Australia VK3ATL Point Lonsdale AU0028 Buro Web
Australia VK3BEZ Citadel Island Lighthouse AU0110 Buro. (Located at the Port Albert Maritime Museum) -
Australia VK3FMPB Whaler's Bluff, Portland, Vic AU0117 VK3FMBP, PO Box 336 Reservoir Victoria, 3073 Aust. (Also VK3DWA)
Australia VK3EG Point Hicks AU0027 VK3EK -
Australia VK3EMF Cape Schanck AU0012 Buro -
Australia VK3IH Cape Liptrap AU0037 Buro or direct -
Australia VK3ILH Cape Wickham, King Island AU0082 Buro -
Australia VK3OLS Cape Otway Lightstation AU0011 Buro or direct
Australia VK3UT Lady Bay Upper and Lower AU0049/96 VK3UT 33 Canterbury Road Warrnambool 3280 Victoria Web
Australia VK3VTH /7 Currie Lighthouse AU0016 QRZ.com -
Australia VK3WI Williamstown Time Ball tower AU0036 VK3WI -
Australia VK3YSP Queenscliff White Lighthouse AU0051 QRZ.com Web
Australia VK3YVG Port Melbourne Rear AU0079 Buro Web
Australia VK3ZPF Griffith Island, Port Fairy. Cancelled 
AU0114 QRZ.com or buro Web
Australia VK4BAR Cleveland Point AU0014 Buro  
Australia VK4BW Burnett Heads Historical Lighthouse AU0004 PO Box 129 Bundaberg, QLD 4670 Web
Australia VK4CHB Burnett Heads, New. AU0104 PO Box 829 Hervey Bay, Qld 4655 or Buro  
Australia VK4CQR Sea Hill, Curtis Island AU0060 Buro Web
Australia VK4GHL Grassy Hill Lighthouse
AU0019 Buro or PO Box 170 Yungaburra, 4884 QLD. Australia. (10 yrs cont.ops)
Australia VK4LLE Lady Elliot Island AU0085 Direct -
Australia VK4MM Bulwer Island Rear Lead Light AU0003 QMMA PO Box 3098 South Brisbane QLD 4101 or Buro Web
Australia VK4BAD /lh
Caloundra Head Lighthouse (New)
AU0120 Buro (Special event QSL card provided) Web
Australia VK4WIM Pine Islet, Mackay (New) AU0026 Buro or direct -
Australia VK4WIR Cape Capricorn AU0059 Buro or direct see QRZ.com -
Australia VK4WIT Cape Cleveland Lighthouse AU0045 Buro Web
Australia VK5BRC Corny Point AU0015 PO Box 356, Angaston, South Australia 5353 -
Australia VK5BWR Point Lowly AU0021 Buro 100th entry -
Australia VK5CJ Cape Jaffa AU0007 Cl- Tony Hutchinson, PO Box 470, Kingston. SE South Australia 5275 -
Australia VK5CWL Cape Willooughby AU0095 VK5PAS Web
Australia VK5AR Cape Jervis AU0094 Buro -
Australia VK5AIM Port Adelaide AU0107 Buro -
Australia VK5ARC Point Malcolm AU0029 Buro or Box 33 Morphet Vale SA 5169 Web
Australia VK5ARG Troubridge Hill AU0105 Buro Web
Australia VK5BAR Marino Rocks AU0118 AHARS PO Box 401, Blackwood, 5051 South Australia (40-10meters)
Australia VK5PBZ /lh Port Germien AU0069 PO Box 2870 Port Lincoln 5606 Sth Australia Web
Australia VK5SR Robe Lighthouse
AU0123 Buro -
Australia VK6AHR North Mole Lighthouse AU0073 Direct or buro Web
Australia VK6ANC Guilderton Lighthouse, WA. AU0067 Buro or via PO Box 244 West Australia 6020 -
Australia VK6BRC Casurina Lighthouse AU0086 QRZ.com -
Australia VK6CLL Cape Leeuwin AU0008 PO Box 3143, Success, WA 6964 Web
Australia VK6CNL Cape Naturaliste AU0010 Direct to VK6NI Web
Australia VK6MB Cave Point AU0116 Buro or direct or e-QSL -
Australia VK7EK Table Cape Lighthouse AU0039 PO Box 570 Burnie Tasmania, 7320. Australia -
Australia VK7HKN Cape Tourville AU0119 Via e-QSL. (Other Op Lyn VK7FROG)  
Australia VK7LDK Round Hill Point , Burnie, Tas AU0111 Direct Web
Australia VK7ALH Low Head, Tasmania. AU0048 QRZ.com Web
Australia VK7NWT Rocky Cape AU0066 EQSL.cc -
Australia VK7NW Mersey Bluff, Devonport, Tas. AU0040 Direct Web
Australia  66
VK8GM "Cape Todd" (faux) n/a Via VK8GM see QRZ.com Web
Austria  1 OE6XMF /4 Podersdorf, Lake Neusiedlersee AT0002 Via OE6XMF Web
Barbados 8P6AW Ragged Point Lighthouse BB0002 PO Box 814E, Eagle Hall, Bridgetown, Barbados Web
Barbados  2
8P6AW South Point Lighthouse BB0001 PO Box 814E, Eagle Hall, Bridgetown, Barbados. New Country
Belgium  1 ON4OS /lh Lange Nelle Oostende BE0008 Buro Web
Brazil PT7ZT /p Morro Branco BR0008 Direct -
Brazil  2
ZV3CP Cristovao Pereira BR0007 Buro -
Canada VA7TL Pilot Bay Lighthouse CA0030 Direct to VA7TL -
Canada VE3DC Burlington Main Light CA0015 Direct to VE3DC or buro Web
Canada VE3FCT Point Petre CA0026 e-QSL -
Canada VE3FRG Nine Mile Point CA0031 e-QSL -
Canada VE3GCB Victoria Harbour CA0046 Buro to VE3GCB Web
Canada VE30SR Cabot Head CA0032 Direct or buro Web
Canada VE3RAM Cape North (Old) Museum in Ottawa. CA0016 QRZ.com  
Canada VE3TNC Gibraltar Point CA0039 Direct, e-QSL. Web
Canada VE7YO /p Nootka Light CA0028 Direct -
Canada VE9GDI Great Duck Island CA0041 Direct -
Canada VE9SLH Swallowtail Light CA0018 VE9SK -
Canada VE9/WS1SM East Quoddy Head Lighthouse CA0047 W1WMG
VO1MCE Cape Race Lighthouse CA0006 To VO1VCE buro or direct see QRZ.com -
Canada  14
VO1OK Lobster Cove Head CA0040 LoTW -
Canary Islands EA8IK Faro Arenas Blancas ES0043 Buro? -
Canary Islands 2 AO8LH Punta de Arinaga New and Old
ES0040-41 EA8AKN Web
Chile CE2AA Faro Punta Angeles. Cancelled
CL0011 CE2AA Web
Chile CE2EP Punta Con Con CL0023 PO Box 3016 Valparaiso, Chile.  
CE3NLU Rada Quintay CL0018 CE3AA Web
Chile CE3TKV+ Faro Punta Curaumilla. Cancelled
CL0017 PO Box 350 Correo Maipu, Chile (Several operators)  
Chile XR7FTC Punta Tres Cruces N/A Via CE7PGO Web
Chile 6 LU2XPK Faro Cabo Spiritu Santo CL0025 CC183 CP 9420 Rio Grande Tierra del Fuego, Argentina Web
China  1 BD4KA Qiganzui Lighthouse CN0001 QRZ.com  
Croatia  1 9A/F4BKV Vir HR0003 F4BKV -
Cuba T42R Castillo del Morro CU0003 Buro -
Cuba T45FM Punta Maya CU0005 Buro -
Cuba T47LH Faro Colon, Punta Maternillos Cancelled
CU0007 QRZ.com -
Cuba T48FL Punta Lucrecia CU0006 Buro Web
Cuba T48FM Punta Maisi CU0001 Direct to CO8RH see QRZ.com Web
Cuba  7
T48SC Castillo del Morro, Santiago de Cuba CU0004 Buro -
Curacao  1
PJ2L Noordpunt, (Antilles) Cancelled no access)
AN0002 Via EB7DX Web
Denmark OU7LH Nakkehoved East and West DK0018-9 Via 5p0o Web
Denmark OZ0MF Nordborg DK0006 Via DF5LW or direct or e-QSL Web
Denmark OV1LH Helnaes DK0020 Direct, OZ buro or LoTW.
Denmark OZ2GBW Knushoved Lighthouse DK0004 Buro to EDR Club Station OZ2NYB Web
Denmark OZ3EDR Grisetaodde DK0027 Buro Web
Denmark OZ4BHM Dueoddefyr DK0025 Via OZ1KM Web
Denmark OZ4HAM Hammeren Fyr DK0015 Buro or direct -
Denmark OZ5ESB Saeddingstrand Mellemfyr DK0014 Buro Web
OZ/DL0HDF Blavandshuk / Blavand. (Cancelled).
DK0001 DL0HDF-  
Denmark OZ/DL1BWU Frankelint Lighthouse. EU172 DK0026 Via home call, Buro.  
OZ/DL1BWU Lohals Lighthouse, Isl Langeland EU172 DK0024 Home call, Buro  
OZ/DL1BWU Hov Isla Langeland EU 172 DK0028 Home call, Buro Web
Denmark  13 OZ/DL1LBN Bovbjerg Fyr DK0029 DARC buro -
England 2E0GWD Start Point UK0029 QRZ.com  
England G8MKC Harwich Low UK0009 e-QSL.cc (Call sign changed from 2E0JSC)
England G3CO TS Colne Lightship, Trinity House LV16 UK0181 G3CO. (Vessel now a Training Ship moored at King Edward Key Colchester)
England G4CW Cross Ness UK0095 Buro -
England GB0BMB Beaulieu Millennium Beacon UK0002 RSGB buro or G4YVY Web
England GB0CCC Light Vessel 55 (Former) UK0176 Direct to Club see web. 500th Entry Web
England GB0HL Happisburgh Lighthouse UK0007 RSGB buro Web
England GB0NFL North Foreland Lighthouse UK0128 Direct or buro. See here for more info Web
England GB0NL Newhaven Lighthouse UK0190 RSGB buro -
England GB0NLH The Needles Lighthouse UK0067 RSGB buro Web
England GB0PL Paull Lighthouse UK0017 Buro Web
England GB0TBW Trinity Buoy Wharf UK0030 Buro or direct via G0TOC Web
England GB1DLH Dungeness Lighthouses UK0059-60 Via M0NUC -
England GB1PBL Portland Bill UK0019-20 G1OCN. (also UK0073. 3 lights) -
England GB2BHL Bidston Hill Lighthouse UK0180 Buro, e-QSL or direct via M0WAD -
England GB2BML Blakeney Mariners Light UK0084 M0SHK -
England GB2TCL Thorngumbold Lower Clough UK0150 Via G1TDN or RSGB buro Web
England GB2HL Hunstanton Lighthouse UK0011 Buro or direct to 2E0USC Web
England GB2RL Roker Light UK0099 Buro or via G0GFG  
England GB2SFL South Foreland Lighthouse UK0027 Buro or direct with SASE Web
England GB2SJ Souter Lighthouse UK0026 RSGB buro Web
England GB2WHL Whitby High Light UK0062 M0OXO Web
England GB2WLH Withernsea UK0013 RSGB buro Web
England GB4CL Cromer Lighthouse UK0076 QRZ.com -
England GB4FCL Flamborough Chalk Light UK0005 e-Qsl, buro Web
England GB4FL Flamborough Head UK0006 e-QSL, buro Web
England GB4GL The Groyne Lighthouse, Sth Shields UK0163 e-QSL, direct, buro or email -
England GB4LL Leasowe Lighthouse UK0014 Buro or direct to G4WUA with SASE Web
England GB4OL Orfordness Lighthouse UK0079 LoTW Web
England GB4WIL Walney Island Lighthouse UK0160 Direct+SASE to G4USW or RSGB buro see QRZ.com
England GB5HCL Hurst Point Low UK0012 QRZ.com -
England GB5PSL Plover Scar Lighthouse UK0018 Buro or direct to 2E0ZDX Web
England GB5ULA Sula Lightship LV-14 UK0132 e-QSL.cc only  
England GB8SL Shoreham (Kingston Buci) UK0023 Buro or direct to G4LKW Web
England GX4TTF Roker Light UK0099 Buro or G0GFG +SASE  
England M0MTY Dovercourt Lights UK0153-4 eQSL.cc, Buro Web
M3DPQ /p Southwold UK0050 None (40 & 20, IC703 SOTA dipole on beach) -
England  38
GB6HPL Hartlepool Lighthouse UK0188 e-QSL.cc -
Estonia  1 ES0 /OH1EJY Lou Lighthouse EE0003 Buro -
Falkland Islands1 VP8LGT Cape Pembroke FK0001 VP8ON. (Call was M6HPL)
Faroe Islands  1
OY/OZ7CCC Skansin Lighthouse on Streymoy Island FO0003 Buro to DL4MFM -
Finland OG3X /lh Kallo FI0017 QRZ.com (Ops OH3T and OH3KW) Web
Finland OG5A /ls Lightship Helsinki FI0003 Via OH5AD -
Finland OH1AF /lh Sappi FI0014 Via OH1AF -
Finland OH1AH Uto FI0007 Buro. (Finland's oldest lighthouse, 1753) Web
Finland OH2NM Lightship Relandersgrund FI0026 Buro Web
Finland OH2Y /lh Tankar FI0019 Buro -
Finland OH2ZL /lh Suomenlinna FI0027 OH2ZL Web
Finland OH3GDO /lh Yttergrund FI0009 Buro Web
Finland OH1AM Kylmapihlaja FI0002 Buro -
Finland 10
OI3V /lh Salgrund  Cancelled
FI0006 Buro Web
France F4FET /p Cap Gris Nez Lighthouse FR0010 All qsl's to F4FET. (Other op F4HJG /p)
TM0LHG Petit-Fort-Phillipe (Gravelines) FR0002 Via PA0HEL Web
F/PH2CV/lh Phare de Calais FR0008 PH2CV Web
France  4 F4ELK /p Lanvaon FR0009 F6CIU (Call sign may change to TM80D if approved)
Germany DA0DAG St. Peter-Boehl DE0062 Via DARC buro or direct to DL8LD Web
Germany DA0LCC Wehldorf Oberfeuer DE0034 Buro or DG4BAQ Web
Germany DA0LH Tossens Oberfeurer DE0053 Buro -
Germany DA0LHT Brunsbuettel Mole 1 DE0108 Buro or direct DF1AG Web
Germany DA0LHT Brunsbuettel Unterfeuer DE0113 Buro or direct DF1AG Web
Germany DA0WLH Warnemunde DE0064 DARC buro -
Germany DB6LL Lighthouse Buesum DE0098 Buro and/or e_QSL. (PSK 31only) Web
Germany DF0MF Lightship Amrumbank DE0059 Via DL1BIZ buro or QRZ Web
Germany DF0RY+ Oberfeuer Sandstedt (New) DE0084 DARC buro. Other op: DO0BVS
Germany DF0KY Oberfeuer Sandstedt (Old) DE0085 DARC buro. Other op: DF0IC
Germany DF0WH Lightship Weser / Norderney I DE0127 Buro -
Germany DF0WLG /lh Greifswalder OIE DE0009 Buro or DM5DX Web
Germany DF7HH Old Tower Light Balje DE0128 QRZ.com Web
Germany DF8HS Marienleuchte, New and Old DE0051-52 Buro -
Germany DG0GF /lh Buk Bastorf DE0001 Buro -
Germany DH0GAK Oland. (Cancelled)
DE0023 Buro -
Germany DJ7AO /p Gollwitz North and East DE0069 Buro or QRZ.com  
Germany DH7RK Staberhuk DE0047 Buro or direct -
Germany DH9JK Staberhuk DE0047 Buro or direct -
Germany DJ9IN Norderney Island Lighthouse DE0055 Buro or direct to DJ9IN -
Germany DK0DAN Knock DE0049 Buro -
Germany DK0FC /lgt Wangerooge Old Tower DE0030 Via DB1BAC Web
Germany DK0IZ Gluckstadt / Elbe Nordmole DE0082 Darc buro -
Germany DK0PR Oberfeuer Blankenese DE0118 Buro Web
Germany DK0RA Altenbruch Unterfeuer (Old) Dicke Berta DE0050 Buro Web
Germany DK0RBY Voslapp Upper Light DE0132 Buro  
Germany DK0RZ Pellworm DE0024 Buro Web
Germany DK0TEU Tinsdal / Wittenbergen Oberfeuer DE0077 Buro or DF4HA (Other op DL0TEU) Web
Germany DK4LEH Neuland DE0022 Buro -
Germany DL0AWG Luehe Lower DE0091 Buro -
Germany DL0CA Helios Tower, Cologne DE0011 Buro Web
Germany DL0CX Krautsand Oberfeuer DE0015 Buro Web
Germany DL0EM Campen DE0048 Via DJ6ZJ QRZ.com -
Germany DL0EO /lh Lighthouse Eckernfoerde DE0005 Buro Web
Germany DL0HGW /lh Cape Arkona Old Tower DE0123 Buro, e-QSL.cc -
Germany DL0HOA Falshoeft DE0007 Buro -
Germany DL0IPA Malzin DE0020 See club web site Web
Germany DL0LNW Lighthouse Neuwerk DE0016 Buro -
Germany DL0MFH Lightvessel 13, Trinity House, Hamburg DE0019 Buro  
Germany DL0MFK Karnin Lighthouse & Pilot tower DE0013 Buro or QRZ.com Web
Germany DL0MFN Leitfeuer Peenemuende Nord DE0099 Buro or QRZ.com  
Germany DL0PJ Norderney Island Lighthouse DE0055 Buro -
Germany DL0TO Old Lighthouse Travemunde DE0028 Buro. (Locator JO53KX)
Germany DL0PBS Memmert Fire Juist Island DE0012 Buro Web
Germany DL0RSH Staberhuk DE0047 Buro or QRZ.com -
Germany DL0RWE Alter Leuchtturn Borkum DE0046 Buro Web
Germany DL0SY Kampen DE0106 Buro or QRZ.com -
Germany DL0SY Hoernum DE0104 Buro or QRZ.com -
Germany DL0SY List Ost DE0102 Buro or QRZ.com -
Germany DL0SY List  West DE0103 Buro or QRZ.com -
Germany DL0TO Old Travemunde DE0028 Buro Web
Germany DL2KMK /lh Buk Bastorf DE0001 Buro Web
Germany DL4ABB /lh Buesum DE0098 Buro, e-QSL or direct Web
Germany DL4MFM /lh Wangerooge New Tower.Cancelled
DE0031 Buro Web
Germany DL5HF /lh Bubendy Oberfeuer DE0114 Buro, direct, e-QSL or LoTW Web
Germany DL5KUA /p Gollwitz North and East DE0069 Buro and QRZ.com -
Germany DL7ANC Buk Bastorf DE0001 Buro. Other ops DL2BWG and DG2BZE
Germany DL7MFK /lh Buk Bastorf DE0001 Buro  
Germany DL7UVO /p Maltzien DE0020 Buro Web
Germany DL8TG /lv Lightship Elbe 1 DE0037 Via DL8TG -
Germany DM1SW Eckwardenhoerne Oberfeuer DE0130 Buro or direct (Other op DO1SIM) Web
Germany DM2C /lh Moritzburg DE0021 Buro Web
Germany DM2DLG /lh Warnemunde & Warnemunde Mittelmole DE0064, 70 Buro -
Germany DM3O Kiel Holtenau Nord
DE0131 DARC buro Web
Germany DM5C Westermarkelsdorf DE0080 Buro Web
Germany 66
DR4X /lh Pilot and Lighthouse Tower, Karnin DE0013 Buro or QRZ.com Web
Gibraltar  1 ZB2LGT Europa Point Lighthouse GI0001 QRZ.com Web
Greece  1 SZ5RDS /p Ipsili lighthouse GR0003 Via SV5AZP. Logs will be uploaded to e-QSL & Club Log Web
Honduras  1 HR2 /LU1DY Punta Caballos HN0001 QRZ.com Web
Iceland  TF1IRA Knarraros IS0001 Via TF Buro Web
Iceland  2 TF8IRA Garoskagi IS0002 Via TF Buro Web
India AT5RP Rameshwaram IN0013 QRZ.com -
India AT5RP Pamban IN0014 QRZ.com  
VU3PJT Poombuhar IN0012 QRZ.com Web
India  4 VU6P Pulicat Lighthouse IN0015 tba Web
Ireland EJ5BPL Barrack Point Lighthouse,Sherkin Island IE0014 Via EI2KA Web
Ireland EI1KARG Cromwell Point IE0001 EI7CQB Web
Ireland EI0CAR /p Inishowen Head West / Strove Lighthouse IE0011 Via Buro or EI4jr Web
Ireland EI0LHL Loop Head IE0009 Direct to EI0LHL or direct to EI4GXB Web
Ireland EI0M Blacksod IE0008 Buro Web
Ireland EI1NC Roche's Point IE0010 EI1NC Web
Ireland EI2WRC Hook Head IE0003 Buro Web
Ireland EI3HDB Hook Lighthouse IE0003 LoTW / e-QSL -
Ireland EI3HMB Fanad Lighthouse IE0013 QRZ.com -
Ireland EI4GZB Old Head of Kinsale IE0007 LoTW, e-QSL.cc Web
Ireland EJ1C Ballycotton Lighthouse, Co Cork IE0015 LoTW and via EI9FBB -
Ireland  12
EJ4INIS Inis Oirr EI0012 Buro Web
Italy I6HWD /lh Pedaso IT0008 Buro or direct see QRZ.com Web
IQ3TS /lh Faro Della Vottoria. (Victory Lighthouse) IT0011 Buro or QRZ.com Web
IQ4RN /lh Rimini Lighthouse IT0020 Buro or e-QSL Web
IQ6PS /p Faro Monte San Bartolo IT0024 Direct or buro Web
Italy II1L La Lanterna IT0005 Buro or direct +SASE Web
Italy II1PV Punta Vagno IT0018 Buro or direct +SASE Web
Italy IS0/DH5FS Capo Bellavista (Sardinia) IT0012 oQRS via club log QRZ.com  
Italy 8 IZ6TGS /lh San Benedetto del Tronto Lighthouse IT0009 Buro or direct +SASE Web
Japan 8J1INUBO Inubosaki JP0010 Buro Web
Japan Ja1JCF /p Taito Saki JP0001 Buro Web
Japan 3
JE9LMZ Iwasaki No Hana Cancelled
JP0009 Buro Web
Kuwait  1 9K2GV /p Ras Al Ard KW0001 Direct see QRZ.com.   New country
Latvia 1 YL1WT Liepaja LV0004 Buro or e-QSL -
LY5O /p Klaipeda Range Rear
LT0005 LY5O Web
Lithuania LY2FN /p Nida LT0001 Direct, buro, LoTW, e-QSL
Lithuania tba Sventoji LT0002 Direct  
Lithuania  4 LY3IV /p Uostadvaris LT0004 Direct, buro, LoTW
Malaysia 9M4CME Bukit Melawati, Kuala Selangor MY0005 9M2BAL Web
Malaysia 9M2DY Fort Cornwallis, Penang MY0003 Direct to 9M2DY Web
Malaysia 9M4LHX Melaka St Paul's Church Lighthouse MY0018 PO Box 118 Melaka 75720, Mayaysia Web
Malaysia 9M2MI Pulau Undan Cancelled MY0017 PO Box 118, Melaka 75720, Malaysia Web
Malaysia 9M4LHC Tanjung Gelang Lighthouse MY0002 Direct to 9M2RDX Web
Malaysia 9M4LHJ Bukit Segenting Lighthouse MY0008 9W2BUG Web
9M4LHM Lobang Miri MY0014 Direct to 9W8IOA see QRZ.com
Malaysia  8 9M4LHN Tanjung Tuan, Cape Rachado MY0001 Direct to 9W2PD Web
Mexico  1 XE3VAP El Palmar MX0003 Calle 22 No 169-A col Garcia Gineres Merida 97070 -
Netherlands PA1VLD /lh Vlieland Vuurtoren NL0015 E-QSL only please -
Netherlands PA25SCH Scheveningen S.W. Tower NL0025 Via PD2RKG Web
Netherlands PA35WO Lightship 12 Noord Hinder NL0036 Via PA1WO. (May also activate NL0050 Hellevoetsluis Lh.)
Netherlands PA3BIC /lh Lighthouse Ameland NL0032 Buro -
Netherlands PA6LH Van Speijk NL0014 Buro or to PA0XAW Web
Netherlands PA6LL Hoek van Holland Low Light Cancelled 
NL0004 Buro -
Netherlands PA6LST Lightship "Texel" NL0006 Via PI4ADH
Netherlands PA6SCH Scheveningen NL0022 Via PI4DHG Web
Netherlands PA7AL /lh Lange Jaap NL0040 Buro Web
Netherlands PA9M /lh Blokzijl NL0026 Buro (also for PA5CA /lh other op) Web
Netherlands PD0FSB /lh Zanddijk (Groote Kaap) Lighthouse NL0037 PD0FSB via buro Web
Netherlands PD1JFB /lh De Ven NL0035 PD1JFB Web
Netherlands PD2GCM /lh Horse of Marken NL0031 PD2GCM Web
PG6N Noordwijk NL0009 Buro only Web
Netherlands PI4RCK /lh Ijmuiden High Light NL0049 Buro Web
Netherlands PI4RCK /lh Ijmuiden Low Light NL0005 Buro Web
Netherlands PI4VNW /lh Hoek van Holland old High Light NL0003 Buro Web
Netherlands PI4WBR Willemstad NL0019 Buro -
Netherlands PH6WAL /lgt Westkapelle Low NL0018 Via PA0ULT Web
Netherlands PI4WAL /lgt Westkapelle High NL0017 Via PA0ULT Web
Netherlands 21 PI9SRS /lh Calandkanaal High / Europort Range Rear NL0033 Via PA3DHR Web
New Zealand ZL1AA Rangitoto NZ0015 Direct with SASE or Buro Web
New Zealand ZL1KBR Bean Rock NZ0011 Direct or Buro -
New Zealand ZL1MHLH Manukau Heads Lighthouse NZ0002 Buro Via ZL1FLY Web
New Zealand ZL1MVL /p Cape Egmont NZ0003 Direct or buro Web
New Zealand ZL1PLH Pouto Point Lighthouse NZ0019 ZL1SW direct only QRZ.com Web
New Zealand ZL2AS Castle Point NZ0018 QRZ.com -
New Zealand
ZL2LHW Karori Rock, Wellington NZ0017 NZART buro -
New Zealand ZL3BRC Cape Foulwind lighthouse NZ0023 Buro -
New Zealand ZL6CC Cape Campbell NZ0001 Direct or buro via ZL2KS -
New Zealand 10
ZL6LH Piha Lighthouse NZ0006 QRZ.com -
Norway LA1J Obrestad NO0004 Buro Web
LA1Z Alnes NO0013 Via Buro NRRL -
Norway  3 LA6K Stavneset NO0014 Buro or direct Web
Nthrn Ireland 2I0BIQ St John's Point UK0087 QRZ.com -
Nthrn Ireland GN0GRC Rathlin East, High and Low UK0055-56 G0RCI Web
Nthrn Ireland GB0RSL Rathlin South Lighthouse, Rue Point
UK0185 Direct MI0BPB with SASE please Web
Nthrn Ireland GB5BL Blackhead Lighthouse UK0032 Via GI0BJH Web
Nthrn Ireland  5
GN0LIX /p Chaine Tower UK0033 Buro and also QRZ.com Web
Poland 3Z2LJ Jastarnia PL0002 Buro to SQ2WHH Web
Poland 3Z2X Stilo PL0013 Buro to SP2YWL, LoTW, Direct Web
SN2NP Gdansk Nowy Port PL0003 SP2BIK -
Poland SP1KNM Ustka PL0017 SP1RKT Web
SP1ZZ /1 Niechorze PL0011 Buro.  Other op SQ2T (Facebook #ADAMSQ2T)
Poland  6 SQ6PHP /2 Rozewie East Towers PL0006 OT11  
Portugal CQ7LW Farol da Berlenga PT0026 Via CT1EWA Web
Portugal CR5LSV Farol do Cabo de Sao Vicente PT0011 See web site or QRZ.com Web
Portugal CR5SN Farol Cabo de Sines PT0031 See QRZ.com Web
CR6LH Cabo Espichel PT0005 Buro or direct Web
Portugal CT1FDQ /p Farol da Ponta do Altar PT0030 QRZ.com Web
CT1MH /p Farol de Santa Maria PT0007 Buro or direct -
Portugal  7 CT7/ON7RU
Farol Da Boa Nova PT0025 Buro Web
Puerto Rico KP3ER Punta Higuero Rincon PR0005 KP4BZ Web
Puerto Rico KP3RE Cabo San Juan PR0002 Direct see QRZ.com Web
Puerto Rico KP4LH Cabo Rojo / Faro Los Morillos PR0001 Direct to manager KP4UNO Web
Puerto Rico WP4I Faro Culebra PR0013 Direct Web
Puerto Rico WP4CRG Old Borinquen Lighthouse PR0003 WP4CRG, Caribbean ARC  
Puerto Rico 
WP4OLB Faro Punta Tuna PR0008 Direct
Puerto Rico  7 WP4OQP Puerto San Juan /El Morro PR0011 PMB 1205, Calle Pari, San Juan PR00917. (Other op WP4OQQ) -
Romania YO4ASG /lh Genovese Lighthouse RO0004 YO4ASG PO Box 73 Constanta 1 Romania -
Romania  2
YO9RIJ Farul Sulina RO0003 YO9RIJ -
Scotland 2A0KAU /p Scurdiness Lighthouse UK0189 Direct, buro, e-QSL.  (Other op MA6BJJ /p) Web
Scotland GA6NX /p Rattray Head UK0179 LoTW, e-QSL, Buro Web
Scotland GB0DHL Dunnet Head UK0187 Buro or direct to G4IAR Web
Scotland GB0NHL Noss Head UK0039 GM0TKB Web
Scotland GB0TNL Tarbat Ness Lighthouse UK0151 Buro -
Scotland GB1OL Brough Of Birsay UK0191 GM0WED Web
Scotland GB2AL Ardnamurchan Lighthouse UK0117 Via home call GM3ALZ or buro Web
Scotland GB2ELH Eshaness Lighthouse UK0058 Direct to MM5PSL only. -
Scotland GB2GNL Girdleness Lighthouse UK0037 Buro or e_QSL GM3WIJ Web
Scotland GB2LBN Barns Ness Lighthouse UK0034 Buro, direct, LoTW, eQSL Web
Scotland GB2LK Killantringan UK0164 QRZ.com -
Scotland GB2LT Turnberry Lighthouse UK0000 GM0AYR or QSL manager GM7OKX  
Scotland GB5DHL Duncansby Head UK0186 Buro or direct to G4IAR Web
Scotland GM3TKV/p Buckie North Breakwater UK0053 Buro Web
Scotland GM4NFI /p Fladda Light UK0139 Buro to GM4NFI Web
GA8VL /mm
Little Cumbrae Lights UK0172-4 Buro see also QRZ.com
Scotland 17 MM0IMC /p Ardrossan Lighthouse UK0089 Buro, e-QSL, LoTW
Slovenia   1 S51LGT Rt Madonna SI0001 Buro to S59 HIJ Web
South Africa ZR1GFT /lh Cape Point Cancelled
ZA0014 See web site -
South Africa ZS1AZ Cape Infanta ZA0002 PO Box 7 Swellendam, 6740 South Africa -
South Africa ZS1BAK /lh Agulhas ZA0011 Buro -
South Africa ZS1CRG /lh Robben Island Cancelled
ZA0008 Via ZS1MJJ -
South Africa ZS1CT /lh Green Point, Cape Town ZA0006 See web site for details. Web
South Africa ZS1FC North Head Lighthouse Saldanha
ZA?? ZS1FC PO Box 739 Vredenburg 7380 Web
South Africa ZS1FRC Slangkop Point ZA0015 PO Box 37724, Valyland, 7978, Sth Africa -
South Africa ZS1SKR Saint Blaize ZA0026 LoTW, e-QSL, buro or via ZS2I Web
South Africa ZS1OAR /lh Danger Point ZA0005 PO Box 7, Swellendam 6740 South Africa -
South Africa ZS1SD Milnerton Lighthouse ZA0019 Buro Web
South Africa ZS1TB Cape Columbine
ZA0001 ZS1BAK -
South Africa ZS2EC Cape Recife Lighthouse Cancelled
ZA0022 Via ZS2EC Web
South Africa ZS2MUS Donkin Reserve Lighthouse ZA0023 Via ZS2EC Web
South Africa ZS2PE Seal Point Lighthouse  Cancelled
ZA0021 Via ZS2EC Web
South Africa ZS5D Cooper Lighthouse, Durban Bluff ZA0004 See web site Web
South Africa ZS5HAC North Sands Bluff ZA0016 SARL buro -
South Africa 17
ZS5HAM Green Point ZA0018 ZS5MAX Web
EA1/DK6EA Faro de Cabo de Silleiro ES0039 Buro.  200th entry. -
Spain EC7AKV Cabo La Higuera
ES0042 Buro -
Spain 3 EG1LWI Faro de Larino ES0038 Direct or buro Web
Sri Lanka 1 4S7LGT Point Pedro, Jaffna LK0003 RSSL PO Box 907 Colombo. Sri Lanka. -
Sweden 7S0SFJ Lightship Finngrundet SE0013 Buro Web
Sweden 7S5LH Saterholmen Fyr n/a SK5BN Web
Sweden 7S7JAN Lange Jan SE0052 eQSL.cc Web
Sweden 7S7KUL Kullens Fyr SE0010 Via SK7DD Web
Sweden 8S0GL Gronskar Lighthouse SE0059 Buro or direct see QRZ.com Web
Sweden 8S0UN Understen, new and old
SE0061-62 Buro or direct Web
Sweden 8S2JL Jaevre Lighthouse (Skags Udde) SE0042 Via SM2TOS  
Sweden 8S6MT Tange SE0016 Via SK6JX Web
Sweden 8S6NAV Naven SE0017 QRZ.com Web
Sweden 8S6VAN Vanas Udde SE0027 SM6JSM Web
Sweden 8S7GL Garpen SE0004 SK7CA buro, direct SAE+2USD please. Web
Sweden SC6LUR Stangudden SE0063 SK6LR Web
Sweden SF6LGT Vinga Lighthouse SE0028 Buro  
Sweden SK2AT /3 Husum SE0060 Via SK2AT Web
Sweden SK3GK /lh Boena Lighthouse SE0002 Buro  
Sweden SK3LH Skagsudde SE0042 Buro or direct Web
Sweden SK6MA /lh Visingo South SE0029 Buro -
Sweden SK6QA /lh Galteron SE0038 Buro or direct, e-QSL and LoTW Web
Sweden SK7L Segerstad Lighthouse SE0020 Via SK7CA Web
Sweden SK7RN Laange Erik, Island Oeland North. SE0011 Via SM7CRW Web
Sweden SM2/DL1NZA Bjuroeklubb SE0036 Buro or DL1NZA -
Sweden  22
SM7I Lernacken Lighthouse SE0053 Buro or direct Web
HB9 /DL7F Rorschach Hafen CH0003 Buro to individual operators. (DL6FBK, DL6FBR, DL9FBF & HB9DAR) -
Switzerland 2 HB9DAX /p Oberalppass Light (Faux) Note 1 N/A Via HB9DAX Web
Taiwan BM2LDT Fuguei Cape Lighthouse TW0005 CTARL buro Web
Taiwan BV0LH San Tiao Chaio TW0003 Buro or direct -
Taiwan 3 BX2ABT Baishajia Lighthouse TW0002 Direct or BV Buro Web
Thailand  1 E2E Golden Jubilee Lighthouse TH0001 Via home call HS0ZIB see QRZ.com
Turkey TC1LHW Rumeli Karaburun TR0002 TA1HZ Web
Turkey TC6LHW Bafra Burnu
TR0013 TA1HZ Web
Turkey 3 YM7KA Yoroz Burnu TR0003 Buro Web
Ukraine UR5FA /lh Sanzheisky UA?? Buro -
UR5FCZ /lh Tsaregradskiy UA0007 Buro -
Ukraine  3 UR7LY /p Genicheskiy UA0014 Buro -
CW0F Faro Colonia del Sacramento UY0002 Via CX2ABC Web
Uruguay CW1R Punta del Este Lighthouse UY0005 CX1AA Web
CW5X Punta Jose Ignacio UY0006 Via CX2ABC Web
Uruguay 4 CX1TA Faro Cabo Polonio UY0001 QRZ.com -
USA AA4AT Lightship Portsmouth US0192 Via email k0ibs at cox.net  
USA AC2GC Long Beach Bar Light (Bug Light) US0163 Direct + SASE pls Web
USA AF6TS Punta Gordo Lighthouse US0112 Direct or e-QSL.cc Web
USA AG6IV Point Cabrillo Lighthouse US0136 Direct or e-QSL.cc Web
USA AH6EZ /w7 Marrowstone Point US0133 Direct to AH6EZ -
USA AL7L Sentinel Island, Alaska US0082 Buro, LoTW, E-QSL or direct. (WX permitting 16-17 August) KL7JJB, VY1PJB
USA K0BBC Two Harbors Lighthouse US0174 e-QSL.cc -
USA K1AOM Fort Point, Cape Jellison US0186 Via K1AOM or KG1Q on QRZ.com  Cancelled
USA K1L South East Light, Block Island RI US0182 K0BBC LoTW buroor direct Web
USA K1N Newburyport Harbor Range front
US0110 QRZ.com  
USA K1NOX Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse US0173 K1NOX PO Box 266, Owl's Head, ME 04854 Web
USA K1PBO Chatham Light US0171 Online instant QSL via web site Web
USA K2BR Absecon US0001 QRZ.com Web
USA K2CRR 30 Mile Point, Lake Ontario US0038 QRZ.com or 860Niagara Falls Blvd, Buffalo. NY 14223
USA K2EC Montauk Lighthouse US0054 Direct N2GYI
USA K2QS Esopus Meadows US0065 W1ALI Web
USA K2R Charlotte-Genesee US0101 SASE to 211 Sweet Acres Drive, Rochester NY 14612 Web
USA K2USA Sandy Hook Lighthouse US0035 Buro or direct Web
USA K2VN Horton Point, NY. US0023 Direct Web
USA K3CAL Cove Point Lighthouse US0140 QRZ.com Web
USA K3CAL Drum Point US0160 QRZ.com Web
USA K4L Ocracoke Island Lighthouse US0175 Via LoTW or SASE -
USA K4OBX Cape Hatteras Lighthouse US0146 J Benson, POB 714, Rodanthe, NC 27968 -
USA K6A Point Vicente Lighthouse US0033 1975 Jaybrook Drive, Rancho Palos Verdes CA 90275. (USCG Aux)
USA K6PV Point Vicente Lighthouse US0033 PVARC PO Box 2316 Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274 Web
USA N7W Point Wilson Lighthouse US0185 K7ATN at QRZ.com   Web
USA K7CCH Coquille River Light, Bandon OR US0169 Coos County Radio Club PO Box 698 Coos Bay, Oregon. Web
USA K7LM Umpqua River Lighthouse US0040 QRZ.com Web
USA K8PDC Seul Choix Point US0137 1675 County Road 370, McMillan MI 49853 -
USA KA0LDG /9 Rawley Point, WI. Old and New.
US0180-1 QRZ.com -
USA KB9IVA Michigan City US0079 QRZ.com  
USA KC2PED RMS Titanic Memorial Lighthouse US0164 QRZ.com -
USA KC2YYL Fort Niagara US0048 AC2DD Web
USA KC3BFB Fort Washington, MD US0072 QRZ.com Web
USA KC8WIT Marblehead Lighthouse US0069 QRZ.com, e-QSL -
USA KD8COJ Big Bay Lighthouse US0196 QRZ.com Web
USA KE6EIC Trinidad Head US0115 e-QSL -
USA KH6E Ninini Point lighthouse, Hawaii US0195 See web site Web
USA KI4EBD St Marks. Cancelled
US0155 Direct, e-QSL, LoTW -
USA K4P Ponce de Leon Inlet US0034 AA4IO ( Was KK4JDO) Web
USA KL7VO Prince's Bay, Staten Island US?? PO Box 135 Newton Falls NY 13666  
USA KS8M Fairport Harbor (2 lighthouses) US0188-9 C/-Alan Shafer, 27 Chippewa Dr, Milan OH 44846 USA Web
USA KX4O Jones Point US0167 Direct -
USA N1EV Sheffield Island Light US0037 Direct Web
USA N1ME Point Fort Lighthouse, ME US0071 Direct, buro or e-QSL Web
USA N2CMC Cape May Lighthouse US0011 CMCARC PO Box 601, Cape May Court House. NJ 08210 Web
USA N5CRP Lydia Inlet Lighthouse. 400th entry US0166 See web site Web
USA N6JPG Point Arena, California US0117 QRZ.com -
USA N6P Point Reyes, California US0145 Via N6KM or W6AJF Web
USA N7JN Lime Kiln US0080 Direct Web
USA N7M Lightship "Swiftsure", LV-83 US0113 KC7YE or AD7BF as per details in QRZ.com -
USA N7P Patos Island US0123 Direct per CBA, LoTW, e-QSL. -
USA NA1GB Newburyport Harbor, MA, Plum Island US0108 QRZ.com  
USA NG2F Sanibel Island Lighthouse US0126 Direct. (Look for station on beach in front of lighthouse)
USA NI9Y Michigan City Lighthouse Museum US0079 Email ni9y at msn.com Web
USA NW8S Lorain Harbor Light US0143 LoTW, e-QSL, direct Web
USA W1NLS Nantuckett Lightship LV-112 US0102 QRZ.com Web
USA W1PBR Pemaquid Lighthouse US0124 Direct -
USA W1QK /1 Avery Point, CT US0190 LoTW or direct + SASE pse.
USA W1SYE Newport Harbor Light US0179 Newport County Radio Club PO Box 3103 Newport RI 02840 Web
USA W1SYE Dutch Island Lighthouse US0183 Newport County Radio Club PO Box 3103 Newport RI 02840 Web
USA W1T Thacher Island South Lighthouse US0177 eQSL, LoTW Web
USA W1T Thacher Island North Tower US0063 Via W1 GLO at QRZ.com, e-QSL
USA W2GSB Fire Island Lighthouse US0019 PO Box 1356, West Babylon. NY 11704 Web
USA W2HAL Hudson Athens Lighthouse US0178 Direct or buro to WB2TCV -
USA W2LGA Verona Beach US0184 W2LGA via email w2lga at arrl.net
USA W2SO Dunkirk Lighthouse, Lake Erie US0016 Lancaster Radio Club 525 Pavement Rd Lancaster NY 14086 Web
USA W3LRS Overfalls Lightship US0029 PO Box 436, Lewes. DE 19958 Web
USA W3NWA Turtle Rock Lighthouse US0053 QRZ.com Web
USA W4A Tierra Verde Lighthouse US0039 N4MAA see QRZ.com  Web
USA W4DAK Cedar Keys Lighthouse US0172 W4DAK (Operation to be confirmed) Web
USA W4J Jupiter Inlet US0025 QRZ.com Web
USA W4LX Boca Grande US0004 QRZ.com -
USA W4VIY Pensacola US0194 QRZ.com Web
USA W5BMC Southwest Reef Lighthouse (Museum) US0176 W5BMC 708 Front Street, Morgan City. La 70380 Web
USA W6A Point Fermin US0031 Via W6STI. (USCG Aux) -
USA W6L Point Loma Lighthouse US0067 See web site Web
USA W7AVM Admiralty Head, WA US0002 ICARC POB 352 Coupeville, WA USA 98239-0352 Web
USA W7AW Alki Point US0100 Via CBA direct, LoTW, e_QSL Web
USA W7BU Lightship Columbia WLV 604. 300th entry
US0055 QRZ.com -
USA W7GC Cape Meares US0012 QRZ.com Web
USA W7L Heceta Head Lighthouse US0022 Direct +SASE to PO Box 254, Florence, OR 97439
USA W7M Mukilteo Lighthouse US0107 W9LD Web
USA W8GP Manistee Morth Pierhead Lighthouse US0187 W8GP Web
USA W8TOM Middle Island, Lake Huron, MI US0191 W8TOM -
USA W9CQO Kevich Lighthouse US0193 W9CQO C/- KA9WRL, 1781 1st Ave, Grafton WI53024 Web
USA W9LY Michigan City US0079 QRZ.com Web
USA W9LYA Gross Point Lighthouse US0021 Direct mail to W9LYA. (Ops 20,40M Sat 1500-2200 UTC) Web
USA WA2DQL Oak Orchard Lighthouse US0157 Orleans County Amateur Radio Club Web
USA WC7Z Point-No-Point US0061 QRZ.com Web
USA WE2BUG Bug Light. Cancelled by management US0163 LoTW NY6DX -
WR5J Patos Island US0123 Direct per CBA, LoTW, e-QSL.
USA  93
WS1SM West Quoddy Head lighthouse US0041 Direct to W1WMG Web
Wales GB2TD Tryn Du / Penmon Point UK0047 Buro or GW0LIS Web
Wales GB2LSA St Anne's Head UK0052 GW3CR Web
Wales GB2LSH Strumble Head UK0049 GW3CR Web
Wales GB4EUL East Usk Lighthouse UK0159 Buro Web
Wales GC0OBS St Tudwals Lighthouse UK0165 G4WMH Web
Wales GC4BRS Nash Point Low UK0072 Via GW0ANA -
Wales GC6BRC Nash Point High UK0071 Via GW0ANA -
Wales  8
MW1CFN /lh The Skerries UK0051 Buro, e-QSL -

 Note 1: This is a faux lighthouse but has been listed due to the special event and uniqueness of the light. See this web site and this one on Youtube.

Note 2: N/A indicates that the light does not conform to the event guidelines.

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