The Comcast-Time Warner Merger

[The following is a comment I provided to a New York Times article.]

It is really disheartening to hear that these people are sleeping with the President and will probably get this outrageous merger approved. First of all, these companies shouldn’t even exist. They are not content providers. They are middlemen who are only there to suck money out of the American public. They are the maggots eating what is left of the caucus of middle America. All we need is an Internet connection. We can go directly to the real content providers. It was really interesting to watch your CNBC video of all these talking heads and the fact that rarely were the customers even mentioned and then only as an afterthought. A real interviewer would have asked why their customers hate them so much. And as a long term Comcast customer, I can tell you we really do hate them. We used to have a Comcast store here in Healdsburg, CA. It was always overrun with customers and had very helpful people behind the counter. So they closed it, and now we have to drive to Santa Rosa. As much as we hate them, it doesn’t even come close to their contempt for us.

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