Show Us the Drone Memos

[The following is a comment I provided to Senator Rand Paul’s op-ed article, “Show Us the Drone Memos,” in the New York Times.]

This question has been purposely framed wrong for political reasons. We have an American who is armed and planning to kill or already has killed other Americans. He is not in custody. He is not behind bars. He is engaged in the act of committing murder. The authorities have a right, indeed, the responsibility to take him out. This happens on the streets of American every day. Our police kill Americans in the act of planning and executing murder. It’s only when in custody that they are read their Miranda rights. If we could get these murderers in custody, we wouldn’t execute them without due process. If we follow your line of reasoning, we would have to disarm all our police officers and never allow them to use deadly force to save the lives of other Americans, even their own lives. Your argument Rand Paul has a definite political slant, and if you were in office, you’d be doing the same thing President Obama is doing. And if you wouldn’t do that, you shouldn’t be in office, not even the one you now hold.

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