Literary Delusions Among Ukraine Revolutionaries

Interesting article in the NY Times a few days ago concerning the revolutionaries in Ukraine. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad and pathetic.

These revolutionaries really are a bunch of literary delusionists. In addition to Mr. Berezin being a science fiction author, Igor Girkin adopting the nickname Strelkov, the Shooter, reminds me of Boris Pasternak’s character Pasha Antipov in “Doctor Zhivago” who also become known, although not of his own volition, as Strelnikov, also translated as the Shooter. (I’m not sure why the spelling difference.) The graffiti showing Girkin shooting himself in the head is appropriate because Antipov in Pasternak’s novel did that. Among Strelnikov’s last words was the phrase, “And now, all my calculations have come to nothing.” Perhaps Igor hadn’t finished the novel before he stepped into the plotline. And by the way, is that pronounced E-gor or I-gor?

It appears that Putin is also trying to create a narrative around which he can justify an intervention in the Ukraine’s civil war. He keeps saying things about Russia not being involved that are obviously not true. Now we have a direct intervention on the pretext of providing aid.

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