Amazon Boycott Gets a Helping Hand From Stephen Colbert

[The following is my comment to the New York times article “Amazon Boycott Gets a Helping Hand From Stephen Colbert“.]

As a long-term customer and also author on Amazon (unaffected by the struggle with Hachette) I totally agree with Colbert. Amazon is being hurt by this more than Jeff Bezos realizes, but it’s perhaps the emotional immaturity of Mr. Bezos’ actions against Hachette that are the most disconcerting. He’s playing little kids’ games in a major marketplace where he wields so much power, and he’s starting to look foolish. Not only that, he’s wrong on principle. He is absolutely trying to kill the big publishers as he is brick-and-mortar bookstores. This shows an inability to look within for a moral weathervane and succumbing to type of megalomania. And it’s not just this fight with publishers. Something equally disturbing is KDP Select, which provides incentives for authors to pull their eBooks from all other online stores and use Amazon exclusively. I hate to see this because I’ve been a big supporter of Amazon since 1996. As an author, I have benefited greatly from Amazon services, and I have always been shunned by major publishers. But with this descent into darkness, I’m beginning to question just how much of my soul I want to sell to Jeff Bezos.

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