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Saint Giles Durban

"Remedial gym work
helped me walk again!"

Walking for most people is as natural as breathing, but an accident, medical condition, or tragedy could mean it is taken away from you in a heartbeat.

The Remedial Gym at Saint Giles is one of the larger users of donor funds received by our organisation. The generosity of our donors helps these disabled users of the gym to receive their much needed rehabilitative therapy.

Some of our patients need your help to get to gym every day. It costs an average of R108 per patient per day's attendance. This money covers the cost of their active and passive resistance exercise, massage therapy, blood pressure monitoring, and advice from qualified staff.

Please help Cedric, Libby, Linda, Ntombixolile, Mohamed, Sibongiseni or Yunus get to gym today!


Click on the pic of your chosen patient and donate R108 to get him/her to gym TODAY!

Cedric Mlungisi

  • Horrific accident on 19th January 2013
  • Broken spinal discs C5 and C6 meant he couldn't walk again & he was medically boarded
  • Started attending our Remedial Gym in January 2014
  • He has felt a distinct difference in his upper body strength

Libby Simione

  • Recently retired, Libby suffered a massive stroke in Easter 2012
  • The right hand side of his body was affected
  • Started attending our Remedial Gym in December 2012
  • He has noticed improvement in balance and core strength

Linda Cele

  • Massive stroke in June 2010 and was confined to a wheelchair
  • Started attending our Remedial Gym in 2013
  • Significant improvement noticed in his core stabilities
  • He is now able to walk with assistance

Ntombixolile (Maxoly) Sipunzi

  • Endured a gunshot on 8 February 2010 that put her in a wheelchair
  • Three Hospitals and three years later she started therapy at our Remedial Gym in January 2014
  • From being unable to move from the shoulder down, Maxoly is now able to walk with the aid of a walking frame

Mohamed Ismael

  • Involved in a serious accident on 10 February 2008
  • Comatose state in hospital for months affected his mobility
  • Joined our Remedial Gym in February 2011
  • His recovery is evident as he is now able to walk short distances unaided

Sibongiseni Mdluli

  • Affected by Spinal TB in October 2012 that put him in a wheelchair
  • Joined our Remedial Gym in January 2013
  • Significant turnaround noticed in his mobility and core strength
  • He is now walking with the aid of walking sticks

Yunus Mulla

  • Spinal disc injury due to damage caused in the line of duty saw him being confined to a wheelchair
  • Bedridden for months post-surgery, he joined our Gym in February 2013
  • Yunus was able to stand up unaided after just three weeks of treatment
  • He is now able to walk slowly between the parallel bars

Hello and welcome to our site!

The Remedial Gymnasium has developed over the years to benefit those nearing the end of their initial rehabilitation phase.
The Work Centre currently employs 76 disabled persons, 28 of these employees work as a team at the National Bioproducts Institute.
The Charity Shop is always looking for donated goods which can be sold. If required, we will collect.

Work Centre

We employ in excess of 70 disabled people whose work consists mainly of sorting, packing and assembling...
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Remedial Gymnasium

We provide remedial exercise therapy to disabled persons in the form of light and active resistance exercise...
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Educational Trust

We provide bursaries to successful applicants who are disabled students 16 years and older, who are also financially needy...
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Job Seeker Data Base

We have a data base of disabled persons who are looking for work...
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Appliance Hire

We hire out wheelchairs, crutches and walkers at very reasonable rates...
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Charity Shop

We sell second-hand donated goods as part of our fund raising efforts...
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We have regular Open Days (at least one a month) for members of the public who wish to visit our premises at South Beach to gain first-hand knowledge of how we use the donor monies we receive.

The format of the morning is:
09h00 Presentation by the MD
09h30 to 11h00 guided tour of our Remedial Gym, Work Centre and Charity Shop
11h00 to 11h30 Refreshments, feedback and discussion

Whilst we do have set days for the public Open Days, if the visit is for a group, we will gladly organise a special date for a group visit aside from our scheduled Open Days.

To make bookings to attend a public Open Day or arrange a special group visit, please phone Colin Meiring on 031-337-4404 or email at