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All Men Should Be Castrated? - International "Castration Day"

Some Feminists have considered this as an option. It is highly controversial.

Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Krista, otherwise known as "The Femitheist". I am a female, a feminist, and someone who believes strongly in True Equality.

Now, I will begin explaining this entry before I post the actual article... for your discussion, of course.

Women MUST and WILL have equality, and this is the ONLY way to achieve TRUE equality. The testicles of all males, which produce the majority of their testosterone, are the primary cause of their violent behavior. The testicles also attribute greatly to many of the health problems men experience later in life (such as prostate cancer and, of course, testicular cancer).

~:The Solution... International Castration Day.:~

It is my belief (which I consider factual based on my research) that all men SHOULD be castrated. Not only for their own safety, but for the safety of all innocent women and children.

And, to achieve this...

The entire world should have an international holiday known as: "Castration Day"

Males of all ages will be brought to the public squares of their cities nude, to stand together in a circle, as they await castration by a woman known as "The Castrator", who will be a woman chosen from the public much like a juror.

Girls of all ages will attend, lining the streets to cheer and applaud the males as they join the rest of civilized society.

It will be a free vacation for any working woman. And, young girls will be able to leave school to attend this glorious ceremony.

The males will then have one hour to get to know their Castrator. Their female "spouse" will also be able to choose whether or not they would like to milk the male in order to retain a sperm sample.

If the male is too young for a "spouse", their mother or closest female relative will decide.

After this, the men will be given anesthetics. They will be placed on a table, where their Castrator will then slice open their ball-sack, remove their testicles, and the excess skin, stitch them up and clean them up.

They will be given thirty minutes to rest after the procedure.

Once the males have all been castrated, they will be grouped together again for one last look before walking nude back to their homes.

The women will then return to their jobs, schools, et cetera, and rejoice in the completion of yet another successful ceremony.

Any man who tries to evade this holiday, "Castration Day", should be murdered wherever they
are found (treated as a criminal, as it will be a crime not to attend). Or, forced to attend.
Regardless of age.

Any woman who disagrees should be provided therapy in order to free her from misogynistic indoctrination.

This holiday should replace the day known currently as "Father's Day".

If this practice were adopted officially all across the world, all war, crime, and violence would end.

We would have a true Eutopia, where peace reigns, and men do only what they exist for...





Likewise, the change of their hormones would make them less aggressive, and thus less likely to rape. It would also provide them with better health throughout their life, as the testicles are a major cause of health issues in males as they age.

All will profit from this...

And, I believe this will come to be someday soon.

Thanks for your consideration!

Femitheist Divine, The New Era of Feminism 664 Comments [6/14/2012 3:32:39 AM]
Fundie Index: 505
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Argle Bargle

There's a word for women like the Femitheist, and it rhymes with "runt".

6/14/2012 3:41:28 AM


What... on... EARTH?

6/14/2012 3:51:53 AM


You are not a feminist. You are a female supremacist. There is a world of difference between the two, you psychotic bitch.

6/14/2012 3:53:19 AM


This is kink of the highest order. A little NC-17 Mary-Sue fanfic from the dark side of the interwebs, hmmm?

And how dare you assume that I'd let a woman touch my junk. Fucking pervert

6/14/2012 3:55:54 AM


"war, crime, and violence would end."

Yes and the human race would eventually end as well.

And forcefully cutting off a mans testicles isn't violent at all.

Men all over the world would crush the little heads of people like you if you even tried this.

6/14/2012 3:57:12 AM


"And, I believe this will come to be someday soon."

No you don't. You know your violent dreams will never come true.

Does anyone else hear the voice of Anjem Choudary shouting "We will take over the UK, we will take over the United States..."?

Different ideology, same attitude, same emotions.

6/14/2012 4:00:12 AM


Quite telling that half the commenters on any given post of hers are openly wondering if this is satire. I'm willing to agree with them just on the basis of the incredibly stupid picture she posts of herself on the left. Seriously, it looks right out of a ditzy 17 year old girl's facebook.

6/14/2012 4:05:14 AM

Filin De Blanc

I'm not convinced this is actual ideology so much as lurid sexual fantasy.

6/14/2012 4:06:15 AM


I think you may have hit a biological hurdle with this because breeding is rarely successful without input from some testicles.

I'm not opposed to women holding strong opinions though, in fact it pleases me. You come across as very dominant. Do you wear a lot of black leather? Could you send me a photo?

6/14/2012 4:07:19 AM


That must be a poe.

Otherwise, I just got another nightmare next to a theocracy and a re-rise of nazis.

What a SICK, SICK person.

6/14/2012 4:07:56 AM


You were masturbating when you wrote this, weren't you?

6/14/2012 4:10:04 AM


Femitheist is presumably against female genital mutilation.

Femitheist talks about equality for women.

Femitheist promotes mandatory genital mutilation for men in the most degrading fashion possible.

Something does not add up here.

6/14/2012 4:11:51 AM

Pule Thamex

I hope you'll do the world an enormous service by not producing any offspring. I wouldn't imagine you'll have much difficulty complying with that wish.

Though I don't begrudge you your fantasies. If the truth be known, I rather enjoy it when you do them all over the internet

Proof positive that obsessive feminism is like religious cultism and is another path to mental illness.

6/14/2012 4:16:33 AM


This sounds like "A Modest Proposal" to me. That stuff from the Radfem hub is real, but I don't think this is. Meh'd.

6/14/2012 4:25:55 AM


I'll be proudly standing in front of my man with one raised digit to stick it to da (wo)man. Bitch, you get anywhere near my man's ball sack, I'll cut off your tits with a spork and stuff them up your useless twat.

6/14/2012 4:29:06 AM


6/14/2012 4:32:17 AM


As usual, switching words around can make a massive world of difference.

Try switching "men" to "women", "testicles" to "ovaries", references to testosterone inducing violence to menstrual hormones, and castration for a more appropriate word. And anywhere else needed.

Sounds horrible, doesn't it? I bet Femitheist would be disgusted at the thought, yet when it's done to males it's suddenly okay. She is no better, nay, worse perhaps than many, of the misogynist pricks she despises so much.

6/14/2012 4:35:23 AM

Dr. Razark


You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

6/14/2012 4:39:18 AM

Filin De Blanc

This is either a parody or a domme in denial. It's okay Divine, you can just acknowledge that the thought of subjugating men makes you horny; you don't have to dress it up with all this bogus ideology.

6/14/2012 4:48:30 AM


Jesus H. Christ, this sounds like something out of some seriously fucked-up dystopian sci-fi movie. I mean, "The Castrator"? Seriously?

6/14/2012 5:01:34 AM

Brendan Rizzo

You're insane. "True equality" does jot mean what you think it means. Do you not realize that what you wish to do is exactly what they do to women in Third World countries, and that all CIVILIZED people are against any such thing. The amount of energy created by the Big Bang would not be enough to start a sufficient fire in which you ought to die, Ms. "Divine". (Oh, how hubristic of you.)

6/14/2012 5:04:04 AM


I'm all for true equality too but I don't think castrating all males is the answer.

As for it ending all Wars, one word Thatcher.

6/14/2012 5:10:56 AM


Let this be a put-on!

I have already said what I think of this, but to boil it down: If you think that the presence of fully-sexed males in society automatically means women are going to be defeated, degraded, and oppressed, you have already accepted the premise that women are inherently weak and subordinate. That is exactly the kind of rabidly vicious folklore that women and men who value our common humanity have been working so hard to undo since the Nineteenth Century. Thanks for trying so hard to set us back!

6/14/2012 5:16:53 AM


Somebody's needing pumped, I think.....

6/14/2012 5:33:25 AM

Dr. Shrinker

Poe, and not a very good one at that

I'm guessing a refugee from loveshy

6/14/2012 5:36:39 AM
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