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Model of Jerusalem of Second Temple period

Region: Jerusalem and surroundings      Category: Historical Museums     

Model of Jerusalem of Second Temple period

The model recreates Jerusalem in 66 CE. In that fateful year, the Great Revolt against the Romans erupted, resulting in the destruction of the city and the Temple. The ancient city was then at its largest, covering an area of ca. 445 acres (more than twice the size of the Old City today). The model thus reflects ancient Jerusalem at its peak, just before all was lost The model was built at the initiative of Hans Kroch, owner of the Holyland Hotel, in memory of his son Jacob, who fell in Israel’s War of Independence. Produced under the direction of Prof. Michael Avi-Yonah of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, it took four years to complete. In 1966 the model opened to the public on the premises of the hotel and quickly became a popular attraction. In 2006 it was relocated to the Israel Museum.


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