10 Things Bloggers Can Make to Avoid Unnecessary Blog Changes

Blogging Changes

What makes you visit your favorite blog often? Perhaps, it’s the interesting entries that your favorite blogger consistently publish? Or the cool layout that you are always envious of (in a good way)?

You have your own reasons, but I realized, after weeks of researching and brewing up my blog revamp:

One thing which we could give to our readers when they visit our blog is a sense of comfort, familiarity and that happy, at-home feeling.

That homey, all-familiar feels right after clicking the link. You see the familiar header and the familiar layout. Familiar fonts. Familiar sidebar. Familiar style. You have absorbed the branding of the blog.

I think I lacked this element. I was always changing my whole layout, often wandering what theme to take on next because I wasn’t satisfied enough of my current theme. I was wasting time on reconstruction my blog rather than on working on my blog calendar and I thought it wasn’t healthy. I wasn’t helping in establishing my brand. Maybe I wasn’t sure on what I am trying to do with my blog.

So, I’ve taken a blog change seriously this time in the hopes of focusing on more important things. Let me share to you on how you could make blog changes which can keep you from future, unnecessary blog changes.

Blogging Changes

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