• Fully-Automated System
  • Automatic Ash Removal & Cleaning
  • Industry Leading 30-Year Warranty
  • 60,000+ Units in Service Worldwide
  • No Backup System Necessary

The MESys AutoPellet wood pellet boiler is effortless to use and is ideal for central heating and domestic hot water. The AutoPellet is a fully-automated standalone system designed to meet the demands of households, businesses, municipal buildings and institutions.

Automatic Auger or Vacuum Fed Fuel

From the pellet mill to the burner, you never see or touch the fuel.


Automatic Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Heat exchanger tubes are automatically cleaned daily, never requiring a manual cleaning. There is no need to shut or cool down the MESys AutoPellet for cleaning.


Bottom Fed Burner

Our unique bottom fed burner design eliminates emptying ash from the burn chamber for a restart, this results in no by-product build up. After a period of low-demand only the application of air is commonly necessary to restart.


AutoPellet = Auto Ash Removal

Pellet ash is automatically removed and compressed into a specially designed container to be emptied by an easy one-to two-minute process about four times a year in a residential home.

This is a quick, clean and easy task and the ash is great for your lawn or garden.

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Vacuum Fuel Feed

For installations that require pellet storage to be in a
seprate location from the boiler, vacuum delivery may
be used. Maximum distance between storage and boiler
in this case is 66 feet.

Auger Fuel Feed

The auger delivery system is the most economical
fuel delivery system and is used when pellet storage
can be located adjacent to the boiler.

From 1/2 Ton to 50 Tons, We Can Store It All

With many sizes and configurations available, our wood pellet
storage options are designed to fit your space and needs. These
options ensure safe, automatic, reliable movement of the wood
pellets from bulk storage to the burner. Our FleXILO storage bags
are well suited for indoor spaces where space is limited.


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  • Automated Three Way Ash Removal
  • ASME Certified (where necessary)
  • OMNI Listed to UL Standards
  • 87.7% Efficiency
  • Two Stage Combustion
  • Stainless Steel Combustion Chamber
  • Digital LCD Controller Interface
  • 30-Year Warranty
  • Bottom Fed Pellet Burner
  • Programmable Logic Controller for
    Modulated Heat Output
  • External Detachable Ash Box
  • Automatic Electric Ignition
  • Burner Mountable on Left or Right Side
  • Burnback Fire Prevention Through Air
    Tight Spring Actuated Valve
  • Automatic Heat Exchanger Cleaning
  • Combustion Sensor (Monitors Efficiency)
  • Pressure Sensor and Flue Gas Fan Safely Control Draft
  • Pellet Auto Feed (Vacuum or Auger)

Say Goodbye to High Heating Costs

Heating your home with wood pellets is one of the most affordable options
available. Our fuel price of $249 / ton is like paying $2.05 / gallon for oil.