General hours
With an ACLO Sports Card you can participate in general hours at the ACLO. You can do this as much as you like and your ACLO Sports Card grants you access to all general hours. The only thing you have to do is come to the ACLO, bring your sports-clothing and go to the hall where the general hour that you want to participate in is being given. A big advantage of the general hours is that you do not have to register for the hours up front! You can just go to the ACLO and do the sport that you like! Are you interested in the general hours at the ACLO? Click here for the general hours weekly schedule.

You can also follow a course at the ACLO. Different courses are being offered in specific periods. To join a course you do have to register. You can do this via MyACLO on the website of the ACLO. The courses also have a weekly schedule, click here to see the course schedule. When an excess of people register for a course there will be a lottery to determine who can join the course. This is an automated system that grants everybody the same change to pass the lottery. The result of the lottery will be mailed to you. At this moment you will know whether you can join the course. If you pass the lottery you have until Wednesday (first Wednesday after the lottery) until 18.00 hour to pay your €10,- deposit. You can do this online or at the information-desk at the ACLO. Make sure that you succeeded in doing this! You can find you registration at ‘current subscriptions’ on the MyACLO page. After the registration for the courses it happens that persons decide not to join a course or haven’t paid their deposit. To fill in these ‘empty’ spots a post-registration takes place until all spots are filled up. You can participate in the post-registration via MyACLO, select the course you want to join and pay the deposit online.

The reason that you have to make a deposit is to make sure that everybody that registers for a course also goes to the lessons. If you go to 80 % of the lessons you get your €10,- deposit back.

Besides courses and general hours you can also reserve the facilities that the ACLO has to offer. For instants you can reserve a tennis court, a squash hall or any other hall the ACLO has. In this way you can play basketball with some friends in one of the halls, play a game of tennis etc. You can make a reservation on MyACLO or by calling the information desk of the Sports centre, 050-3638063.

All of these possibilities are included in you ACLO Sports Card and thus you don’t have to pay extra. A Sports Card costs €52,- and is valid throughout the entire college year. For renting small material, like a squash ball, you do have to pay a small fee. Are you looking for more information about revervations? Click here.

With an ACLO Sports Card it is also possible to do fitness if you buy a Fitness Card for €65,-. To apply for a Fitness Card you first have to do a fitness intake or follow a fitness course. You can purchase your Fitness Card via MyACLO but only if you have already  taken the fitness intake. You can also buy the Fitness Card at the information desk at the ACLO. Via MyACLO you can also register for the fitness intake, click on ‘whats on offer’ to see which intake still has open spaces.

If you are interested in a sportsclub you can approach them for more information. You can also find more information about sportsclubs on the ACLO website. Click on sports to see which sports has a sportsclub.