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UB Naturopathy's: Science-Ejected Vitalism, Autoentheism & Such Woo:

UB Naturopathy's: Science-Ejected Vitalism, Autoentheism & Such Woo:

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Published by daijiyobu
What I was taught as "science" and "nonsectarian" by the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine in Fall 1998.

"Danger, Will Robinson, unethical sectarian pseudoscience!!!"
What I was taught as "science" and "nonsectarian" by the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine in Fall 1998.

"Danger, Will Robinson, unethical sectarian pseudoscience!!!"

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Published by: daijiyobu on Nov 29, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1998 - Naturopathic History & Philosophy - PP511 NATUROPATHIC PHILOSOPHYLecture #4 Dr. SensenigVis Medicatrix Naturae = Healing Power of NatureVis = Energy, Power, Force or StrengthMedicatrix = Medical = Healing Naturae = NatureThe body's own ability to heal. The body heals itself.Vital force = Energy essential for life.Vital = Pertaining to life or characteristic of life, essential for life.Vital Force, Innate, Life Principle, Prana, Bioplasmic Energy.The God Power within you."The material organism without the vital force, is capable of no sensation, no self preservation; itderives all sensation and performs all functions of life solely by means of immaterial being (VitalForce), which animates the material organism in health and in disease."Cause of Disease and Cure exists within the human frame.Susceptibility: From Suscipere = to take up. Easily impressed or influenced; sensitive.The rationale by which susceptibility is satisfied:In infection, practically there is but one dose administered or a sufficient amount that can causesuspension of the influx.As long as the influx is allowed into the system, the person is susceptible. When susceptibility issatisfied, then the influx of the cause ceases.During the first stage of contagion or beginning of disease, there is a limit to influx - for if wecontinued to receive the causative agent, it would be able to kill us.The susceptibility is generally satisfied as soon as the immune system is stimulated enough to begin toresist any outside influences.Once certain changes occur in the immune system (or vital force), man ceases to be susceptible and theinflux can no longer take place.Because of varying degrees of susceptibility, some become sick and others do not. (Reaction toenvironment or resistance).The level of susceptibility depends on the plane or level the person is in. (Physically, mentally andspiritually)
1998 - Naturopathic History & Philosophy - PP511
 Naturopathic Philosophy: Lecture #4Page 2The Degree of Disease fits the susceptibility.A Natural Disease runs its period and tends to decline. Thus, the patient is not susceptible untilanother change of state is reached (resistance).A man is susceptible to natural disease upon a certain plane.Disease causes exist on subtle levels; hence can affect man without his knowledge.When resistance appears, influx ceases and the cause no longer flows in.Causes flow only in the direction of least resistance.Cure and contagion are similar.Resistance: The quality or property in matter of not yielding to external impressions.Ability of the body to resist infection or disease.Factors which build up Resistance:1) Vitality2) Proper diet and nutrition3) Proper Elimination of Wastes4) Proper rest and sleep5) Harmonious environment, internal and external (prayer and meditation)6) ExerciseAcute and Chronic DiseasesOld School has divided the diseases into Acute, Sub-acute and chronic.Acute - 4 weeks or lessSub-acute - 6 weeks or run indefinitelyChronic - 12 weeks or run indefinitelyAcute disease occurs when the body actively reacts in an effort to correct any imbalance,eliminate toxins, or repair injury.Acute diseases are but primarily the body's own effort to correct the lowered vitality or ability to perform, to get rid of abnormal body fluids and prevent retention of wastes in the body.An acute disease has a period of infection, a period of progress and a period of recovery or death.It comes in with sufficient violence to cause death to the patient; or with less violence whereinthere is a period of progress and a tendency to recovery. It is self limiting. They cannot be prolonged in the patient and must subside. No fixed time limit. Each disease has its own timelimit.

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