Esthetic styling, functional design, ultra-range, free standing integrated loudspeaker system .
The Labyrinth represents handsome esthetic styling combined with absolute improvements in state of the art technology, its effortless and flawless performance from below 20Hz with a linear or flat frequency response to beyond 20,000Hz. The Labyrinth is one of the few speaker systems with a frequency response capable of reproducing the audio spectrum and that can actually exceed the human hearing range. The Labyrinth's woofer section should outperform any subwoofer regardless of size or price.

A subwoofer is not necessary, thereby saving space, additional amplification and money. It would be very difficult, if not impossible, to find a subwoofer or a speaker system (other than Kinetic Audio's) that has the excellent low frequency of a Labyrinth. Reproducing infrasonic and/or extreme low frequency response is the most important, complex and expensive part of a speaker design. Most speaker systems low frequency response is only to 40-50Hz. Some of the more expensive better ones might approach 30Hz and this would also include subwoofers. While reproducing extreme low frequency response is difficult for our competition, Kinetic Audio has several models capable of a low frequency response below 20Hz.

The Labyrinth's natural sound qualities can be attributed to it's elaborate, complex and unique, no-comprise design and "state of the art" components. The Labyrinth can virtually deliver what CD's, DVD's, DAT's and other digital sources have to offer now and in the future.
Speaker systems shown above with optional, at extra cost, Brazilian rosewood veneered finish (supplies limited) on 1" MDF and optional, at extra cost, bases.  

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