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Preliminary Data on new Product model CONVERTER

High-Output Extreme Excursion Infra-Bass High Power

Audiophile Sound Quality 12" Dual Voice Coil Super Subwoofer


12" Mineral-filled thick polymer cone, wide high rubber surround, super duty silver coated 2000 watt rated braided tinsel lead wires, choice of conventional or inverted locking dust cap, heavy thick die cast deep frame, 110 mm thick machined steel top plate, 110 mm thick machined steel back plate, vented and hyper extended machined steel high efficiency pole piece, dual mirror mounted flat 8@ extra wide poly-cotton spiders, dual terminals Voice Coils terminating to 2 pair of gold plated terminals for up to 6 gauge cable, non-bottoming design, Impedance choice 1, 2, or 4 Ohms, Nominal power Watts 500 rms/1000 peak, triple stacked 70 oz. Magnets (240 oz. Total) SPL 94 dB 1W1m, up to 2 1/2@ excursions. Available now by special order only!

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