Göteborg Energi - For the future.

As Western Sweden's leading energy company, we provide our customers with energy services, broadband, district heating, cooling, natural gas and the electricity supply network.

We aim to create energy solutions that are sustainable in the long term. Efficient energy provision is one of the most important building blocks of a well functioning society. To achieve our goal, we have developed into a versatile energy company. We offer services and products that make life easier for both companies and private individuals.

Brief facts

Company CEO

Lotta Brändström

Turnover 2013

MSEK 6 922

Number of employees

1 174

Corporate identity number



Wholly-owned subsidiary of Göteborgs Stadshus AB


Our objective is to provide the owner, i.e. society´s citizens, with the products and services for which our company has been appointed, in a safe and cost-effective way.

We offer

  • District heating

  • Ready heat

  • Energy services

  • Cooling

  • Gas

  • Optical fibres

  • Electricity supply network

District heating

Our 1000 km district heating network now provides heating to more than 90 % of all apartment blocks in Göteborg. The expansion is continuing to single family houses.

Ready heat

For costumers who cannot be connected to the district heating network there is Ready heat. It means that we produce the heat locally at the customer´s premises. We take care of the installation, operation, service, fuelpurchases, repairs and maintenance.

Energy services

Easier and with no worry. That is the common denominator for our various energy services. We can control and monitor indoor climates 24 hours a day, including over the Internet. This is something that more and more property owners are discovering.


Our cooling concept is greatly appreciated by companies that want to ensure a comfortable indoor climate. It is powered by district heating and contains no harmful freons. As a result, it is both resource and energy efficient.


Natural gas, biogas and city gas. Natural gas is imported from Denmark. Biogas is a renewable fuel that is recovered from sewage sludge and compost. The subsidiary Göteborg Energi Gas AB owns the network and is responsible for the distribution.

Optical fibres

GothNet AB is one of the country´s most experienced broadband suppliers. Since the end of the 1980s we have built up an optical fibre network spreading in and around Göteborg. Via the optical fibre network, we are able to offer fast communications, Internet and cable television.

Electricity supply network

Göteborg Energi Nät AB owns Göteborg´s electricity distribution network. The operation involves connecting customers to the electricity network and distributing electricity to households, offices and industries. It makes no difference which electricity supplier the customer has chosen. We ensure that the electricity gets through without a problem

New electricity trading company

Göteborg Energi and Vattenfall decided in 2008 to disolve their partnership in the jointly owned electricity trading company Plusenergi. This means that Göteborg Energi Din El, as the new company is known, is taking over Plusenergi´s management, customer service and 210,000 customers in West Sweden. Göteborg Energi Din El started their business in April 2009.

 Göteborg Energi AB, Box 53, 401 20 Göteborg. Phone: 031-62 60 00.

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