Osnes Consulting Team

The experience of the Osnes Consulting team is unrivalled when it comes to hands-on error reduction consulting through the Quality Control door. Our engagement team brings a track record for assisting states and counties in achieving swift and sustainable error rate improvement. Company owner Julie Osnes brings 30 years of payment accuracy experience to the table while her associates, Dave Manley, has worked hands-on in QC for 33 years and Sue Hall has over 36 years experience with human services income support programs.

Osnes Consulting understands past, current and future issues faced by state SNAP programs. We appreciate the difficulty of managing caseloads when the culture of eligibility has shifted to self-sufficiency and when staffing levels are less than desirable due to a variety of factors most often caused from budget shortfalls coupled with participation increases due to the downturn in the economy.

Julie Osnes

Julie Osnes started Julie Osnes Consulting, LLC in October 2007 after selling her interests in The Rushmore Group, LLC. Osnes retained SNAP QC consulting services at the time of separation. Ms. Osnes was a Member in Rushmore for 7 years (May 2000-October 2007) following over twenty years of state experience administering the Food Stamp Program for the South Dakota Department of Social Services. During this time, the South Dakota Food Stamp Program consistently maintained a high accuracy rate (exceeding 95 percent) that led to 16 consecutive years of enhanced funding from the federal government. Her considerable benefit delivery knowledge and management skills led Governor William Janklow to appoint her to lead his welfare reform initiative in 1996. This experience required her to form discussion committees, schedule focus groups, and ultimately develop and deliver the State's TANF program to the legislature - a project of major scope and importance. In recognition of her national leadership role for the Food Stamp Program, Ms. Osnes was the recipient of the 2000 Leadership Award presented by the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA). Ms. Osnes was president of the American Association of Food Stamp Directors for five years and served on APHSA's Board of Directors for four years. Her efforts providing QC consulting services with documented results is reason enough to apply her methods and experiences to QC issues facing other states. Julie Osnes is now sole proprietor of Julie Osnes Consulting, LLC, a company established to provide Food Stamp QC consulting services.

Dave Manley

Dave Manley has over 33 years of professional experience with Quality Control (QC) in the Food Stamp Program. For the past eight years he had been Food Stamp QC Supervisor for the state of Colorado. Since he went through QC consulting services managed by Julie Osnes, Colorado earned two high performance bonuses. In 2004, Colorado's payment accuracy rate was ranked second nationally. Mr. Manley brings a current QC perspective to Osnes Consulting as he worked in the "QC world" on a daily basis. Dave's experience, along with QC consulting assignments in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming and most recently his work in Alabama, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, Delaware, Maine, South Carolina, Louisiana, Wisconsin, District of Columbia, Alaska, Virginia, Iowa, Texas, and Indiana makes him extraordinarily well qualified to assist Osnes Consulting in error reduction.

Susan Hall

Susan Hall has thirty years experience working with the Michigan Department of Human Services in various positions involving management, supervision, direct client service, program and systems development, audits, and policy making at the state and national levels. Ms. Hall retired as Deputy Division Director, Family Financial Services with responsibility for policy of the Food Stamp, TANF, State Disability Assistance, Employment Services and Medicaid programs. During her state career she spent many years on the Board of the American Association of Food Stamp Directors, including three years as President. From 2002 until 2008 Ms. Hall worked with The Rushmore Group,LLC on food stamp program improvement projects in ten states/counties. From 2008 until 2011 she worked as a special consultant with APHSA focusing on SNAP issues and operations. She has been the special policy consultant for Julie Osnes Consulting since 2008. She received her BA in Sociology from Michigan State University and Master of Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.