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Battle to Retake Iraqi City Will Test Obama’s ISIS StrategyNYT Now

American intelligence agencies and the Pentagon are struggling to determine how difficult it will be to retake Mosul, the Islamic State’s de facto capital in Iraq, as planning intensifies for a battle there.

A Twist of Faith in Brutal Captivity

After some of James Foley’s fellow Roman Catholics portrayed him as a symbol of faith under brutal conditions, the disclosure that he had converted to Islam in captivity has stirred debate.

Amid Tensions, Ukraine and Rebels Exchange PrisonersNYT Now

About 140 Ukrainian troops and 52 separatist rebels were exchanged under cover of darkness at a remote location on Saturday evening, kicking off a process intended to usher in calm in the east.

Bees cluster at the base of a hive located on an outlying field at Montréal-Mirabel International Airport in Mirabel, Québec. Credit Danielle Beurteaux

Now Cleared for Landing at Airports: BeesNYT Now

Urban beekeepers need green space, and many airports have plenty of it — fields that legally cannot be built on. Chicago’s O’Hare now has the largest airport apiary project in the world.

Bush Spouse Backs Jeb, but Is Wary of Family BusinessNYT Now

After Columba Bush wrestled for months over whether to support her husband, Jeb Bush, if he decided to run for president, the new question confronting her is: What kind of candidate’s wife will she be?


A Spur-of-the-Moment Risotto NYT Now

No need to leave the comfort of your home, you probably already have the ingredients for this winter warmer in your pantry right now.

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