Top Ten Armies: 02/22/15

SHERBET, SM Army Press Headquarters-  This week we see a previous CPA Central power dropping into the Top Five. With that, we bring you this week’s Top Ten!

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News Digest #14 [2/21/15]

Sherbet, SM Army Press Headquarters – This week in the SM community we saw armies preparing for the upcoming Champion’s Cup. We also witnessed the death of a few notable armies. Without further adieu, we bring you another edition of the News Digest!

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Champions Trophy: Can Your Army Win?

EDIT: The Final Battle has been edited.

SHERBET, SMAP Headquarters - It is mid-February, and we have a handful of genuinely rising armies on the Top Ten. That means, its time to for a trial of strength, and hence we bring you a single-weekend event – the Champions Trophy 2015.


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Leader of the Week: Tilgen

SHERBET, SM Army Press Headquarters – In order to be leader of the week, you need to be unique and committed in the army community. Each week, SM Army Press features a Leader of the Week in our Top Ten and this week, it’s Tilgen.

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Takis Declare War on Freedom Fighters

Northern Lights, Takis capital Earlier this week, the Takis of Club Penguin announced their declaration of war on the up and rising Freedom Fighters. What are the Takis reasons behind this declaration of war? Continue for the whole story! Continue reading

Is There Enough War?

SHERBET, Philosophy Office – War…. it’s battling for your capital. War… it’s fighting against your enemies. War……. it’s for defense. War….. ok fine, war is just a huge battle fought between two or more armies, or is it? Today, we will look at war, and it’s true that some people say that war’s dangerous and unneeded, but others argue that it can serve as a benefit.

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Into the Time Machine: Club Penguin Rangers [Part II]

SHERBET, SMAP Headquarters - We saw the journey of the Club Penguin Rangers (CPR) up till 2011 in the first part of this article. The progress of the CPR post-2010 gave its reputation a few jitters but, the CPR did have some good chapters in their yearbooks after 2010.

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Army in Focus: Shadow Reacon

AURORA, Shadow Reacon Capital – As they go on to war with the Rockstars, we shed the light on Shadow Reacon, this week’s Army in Focus.

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