Colombia news is accessible through a number of primary newspapers and websites. Here's a list over the main ones.


Colombia news is easily read online if outside the country or in the major newspapers.

Use the following link, if you want to read up on some recent news-worthy developments, in addition to more links to news sites, including a very good English website.

The three main newspapers are:

- El Colombiano Medellin (The major newspaper on Medellin)

- El Tiempo (The main national newspaper)

- El Mundo (A more cultural and in-depth paper on Antioquia)

Personally, I find El Colombiano a bit light and I'm not convinced about its' objectivity but it's fine for general news on Medellin and the surrounding area, has movie listings and the likes.

El Tiempo is definitely more serious but not a local paper so there's a trade-off.

El Mundo seems more culturally inclined and has far more listings on art and cultural events taking place in the city.


RCN Television Colombia is a private television network and so is Canal Caracol that specializes in telenovelas - we're talking soap people...

Yellow Pages (Paginas Amarillas)

These are still somewhat handy and can be found online at:

BOLSA DE VALORES DE BOGOTA (The stock exchange of Bogota)

For traders and investors interested in information on the stock markets the following sites are useful: This is the best site I know of for historic graphs and quotes. Alternatively, there's the official Bolsa de Valores de Bogota website that is useful for near-real time quotes but I find it's clumsy when trying to find historic graphs.

Ebay (Mercado Libre)

If you're looking for the Colombian and South American version of Ebay, look no further. Mercado Libre de Colombia is the equivalent and might help you find some good deals:

For practicalities sake, you might want to read about the phone carrier, Movistar.

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