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We have located a car title loan lender that offers a 100% online car title loan application. The S.O.S. Loan’s car title loan process is the fastest, simplest application on the internet. They offer loans from $2500 to $25,000 or more. If you have bad or no credit not a problem because their approval is based mainly on the value of your vehicle. If you already have a title loan with another company they offer a refinance title loan program, that in most cases they will be able to get you cash back. Also, if you don’t have your car title and you are still paying on your loan, S.O.S. Title Loans will in many cases be able to pay-off your loan and get you some car title cash back. See if you qualify for a car title loan now. CLICK HERE

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Los Angeles Car Title Loans



Second Chance Checking in California

Guaranteed Checking Account Privileges
The following opportunities are guaranteed and offer 100% acceptance as long as you provide the recommended information. While these are prepaid credit cards, you should know that sometimes the cost of these prepaid options are cheaper than local banks and many offer the same check writing and online bill pay privileges. (all links open in a new window/tab)

UPside Prepaid Visa works like a checking account. Write personal checks online. Free direct deposit. FDIC. – Excellent banking alternative offering all the conveniences of a local bank or credit union, including check writing privileges to pay your bills all for only $4.95/mo. You can do even better on that already low monthly fee & reduce it to only $.99/mo when you deposit $500 or more each month. Have bad or no credit?           UPside Visa has most of the features of a checking account for only $1/month. No credit check. FDIC.

The Perfect Alternative to a Checking Account! – Excellent prepaid option that offers online bill pay and a list of features available only to Rush account holders. Monthly fee of $9.95 is comparable to many local banks and credit unions with the same or less features/benefits.
Denied a Bank Account?

The following banks and credit unions are reported to either offer second chance checking in California or do not use check verification services such as Early Warning Services or ChexSystems.

Not guaranteed but worth checking:

1st United Service Credit Union
Alta Vista Credit Union
Altura Credit Union
Bank Of The West
Butte Federal Credit Union
California Coast Credit Union
CD Federal Credit Union
CoastHills Federal Credit Union – 2nd Chance Checking
Federal Employees West Federal Credit Union
Heritage Community Credit Union
Kern Federal Credit Union
San Mateo Credit Union – New Start Checking Account
Southland Credit Union
Telesis Credit Union
Union Bank Of California
United Health Credit Union – Renew Checking Account

Get A Non-Chexsystems Checking Account

Banks are going through a major transformation as we speak. We are currently going through a period whereby banks are being scrutinized more than ever by legislators, by securities commissions, by the media, and by consumers. Banks are being asked, more than ever, to be held accountable for their actions.

In addition to the well-known problems in recent years concerning sub-prime lending, banks are also fighting another battle: that of deciding which prospective customers should be considered as low versus high-risk customers.

If you have been rejected for a new checking account in recent days or weeks, you are probably experiencing a lot of frustration. The truth is, your rejection is likely due to your name having been reported to something called Chex Systems.

What is Chex Systems?

You may have already heard of Chex Systems but not known exactly what it means. It was created by a company called eFunds several years ago. In essence, it is simply a database that banks use to report to each other about customers who have displayed risky banking behavior in the past.

Unlike the FICO or credit score, the Chex Systems does not use a scoring system. Rather, if your name merely appears in the database, you will likely be rejected for a new account by any inquiring bank.

The risky behavior that triggers a bank to report a customer”s name to Chex Systems might include something serious such as bank fraud. But, it can also include behaviors like not paying back your bank after a questionable overdraft fee was assessed against your account, or it could have to do with questions about the way you were using your debit card.

Why Banks are Using Chex Systems More than Ever

Given all of the scrutiny banks are under from the government, they are using Chex Systems more than ever when deciding whether they will approve a new account application. In fact, about 80-90% of all banks refer to Chex Systems when evaluating new checking account applications.

The Good News: You Can Escape!

If your checking account application has been rejected more than once, you are probably feeling very frustrated about your situation. After all, not being able to get a new checking account can really put a cramp in your financial life. And while it is almost impossible to get your name removed from this database, there is a loophole: you can find a bank that does not refer use Chex Systems at all. Such banks are out there, if you know how to find them.

How to Find the Right Non-Chexsystems Banks

To find a non-Chex Systems bank:

  • Look for banks that bill themselves as “second chance checking” banks.
  • Create a list of at least 5-7 candidate banks before deciding upon which one(s) you will approach for a new account.
  • Your candidate list should include a record of the most important features of any bank account, including fee structures, special offers, and terms and conditions.
  • When you do get approved for your new checking account, be sure to read the fine print before signing on the dotted line.

Cutting through the banking clutter requires that you rise above the politics of banking today. Find a second chance checking bank and get the peace of mind in knowing that they will not reject your application.

Get immediate access to a complete list of non-Chex Systems banks in your area at: Denied a Bank Account?

Auto Title Loans – An Answer to Your Urgent Financial Needs

Auto Title Loans – An Answer to Your Urgent Financial Needs

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Auto Title Loans in 1 HR Get A Fast Auto Title Loan For Over $2,600 to $25,000 1(800) 503-6648.

Fast Vehicle Title Loans $2500 – $25,000 Cash in 1-Hour. Drive Your Car. .         Get Your Cash-in-1-Hour

Get money quickly and that too without the hassles of credit check. you must be thinking that it is some kind of wishful thinking right?? No, it is a reality with Car Title Loans. So in case you are in need of urgent money you can get a loan approved against your car and that too within few moments.

Get money quickly and that too without the hassles of credit check… you must be thinking that it is some kind of wishful thinking right?? No, it is a reality with Car Title Loans. So in case you are in need of urgent money you can get a loan approved against your car and that too within few moments. Now you can do this only if you have the title to your car without any liens against it. If you fulfill this one simple condition, you can avail a loan instantly.

Generally these loans are usually for a period of 30 days. At the end of the period, it is your discretion to pay off the loan or extend it. The peculiarity of this type of loan is that you can extend it as many times as you want. But do keep in mind that whenever you extend your loans, you are supposed to pay higher interests.

Different companies have different rules when it comes to Car Title Loans, so it becomes essential that you shop around, understand the terms and conditions properly and then take advantage of the best option available.

You can apply for this loan easily by filling one simple application form on the internet. After this the company will examine your car and estimate its value, and then according to it, will decide on your loan amount.

Mostly if you decide to go for this loan, it is important to understand that when you get a loan against the title of your car, and if you miss any payment then you are putting your car in danger. It is a great risk for the borrowers as just one missed- payment is enough for the lender to sell your car and earn from the proceeds. So when you think of this loan, be regular to make payments.

For the lender, this is one of the safest options of lending as the car can be sold easily in order get back the loan amount. Also it is generally observed that, loans are for smaller amounts than the value of car, so in case any borrower misses the payment, the lender can earn more profit from the sale of the car.

As a borrower, it should be understood that these loans can be beneficial for a shorter period as these loans always carry the high risk of losing the car, so these loans should be used with due care.
Auto title loans can be smart decision for the people having not so perfect credit. As the loan is given on the title and value of the car thus even a person with bad credit or bankruptcy can apply. We offer low rate car title loan taking advantage of the network of car loan lenders with guaranteed approval while making your monthly payments affordable.

Personal Loans and Credit Score

Credit Score and Personal Loans

If you’re seeking a personal loan you’ll want to know your credit score. Because if it’s subpar, you may run into difficulties getting that loan.

What’s a Credit Score?

A credit score results from a review and calculation of the following eight factors:

  • Bad credit behavior
  • Late payment history
  • Current debt level
  • Non payments
  • Credit account types
  • Length of credit history
  • Number of credit inquiries
  • Credit application history

Also know as a FICO (Fair Issac Corporation) score, after the company that created the first credit scoring system in 1958, the scores range from 300 to 900.

  • If you score at 720 or above, it’s considered excellent
  • People at 650 or to 720 will likely be able to obtain loans at a good interest rate
  • At 620 to 650, there may be additional documentation required but you’ll probably be able to get a decent loan
  • 620 is the cutoff between prime and subprime loans
  • Anything below 550 is considered awful

The Three Credit Bureaus

There are three companies in the business of gathering, maintaining and selling consumer credit history information. They are TransUnion, Experian and Equifax.

These firms collect information about the payment and credit application habits of consumers from retailers, banks, credit unions and other credit grantors.

They store this information in a database. Then, they sell it to credit grantors in the form of credit reports. The credit bureau charges a fee for each report they sell.

Factors in a Personal Loan Decision

Because the three credit bureau firms look at the numbers slightly differently, lenders may look at your scores from all of them. Combined with other data (income to debt ratio, income, debt capacity, your character, etc.) the lending institution’s underwriter will make a decision about whether or not to grant your personal loan.

In fact, your credit score is one of the three C’s—Character, Capacity and Credit—that lenders look at so it’s very important and the higher the better.

It’s very, very difficult to obtain an unsecured personal loan with a poor credit score. You’ll almost certainly need some collateral to obtain a personal loan.

You can also take the time and concentrate on improving your credit score so you can get a loan when you need it.

Review and Repair Your Credit History, if Necessary

You can request a free report each year from the three credit bureaus mentioned above. If you find errors, fix them. If there are no errors but your score is subpar you can fix it by doing the following:

  • Apply for a secured personal loan and pay it back promptly
  • Borrow only small amounts of money
  • Stay away from cash advance stores to avoid getting into more debt
  • Pay on time and try to pay off the balance in a few months
  • Do not spend the loan. Put the money in a savings account and use it to pay the loan.

Eventually, assuming you’re paying your mortgage, auto loans and other debts on time, you’re score will begin to rise.

Only when your credit reports get back to a satisfactory level will you be able to take advantage of the best rates when you have to take out a personal loan.

Different Types of Personal Loans

If you’re seeking a personal loan, know that there several types to select from depending on your credit situation and ability to repay.

Definition of a Personal Loan

A personal loan is a loan made for any purpose not specifically defined. It doesn’t have to be secured by any assets. In fact, personal loan recipients use the money for “general purposes”.

There are two main types of personal loans.

Secured Personal Loan

As this suggests, a secured personal loan is backed by collateral. This may be a home, a boat, a car or another financial asset. Lack of repayment will result in repossession of the property. If you secure a loan with a home and can’t repay, you could lose your home to foreclosure.

An Unsecured Personal Loan

An unsecured personal loan is not secured by anything other than the signature of the recipient. It’s usually based on general creditworthiness.

Because it’s unsecured, the lender will charge a higher interest rate because of the additional risk.  If not repaid, the lender would resort to legal claims to make good on the loss.

Secured or unsecured personal loans can be obtained via banks, credit unions, loan companies at brick and mortar places or online.

Following are eight personal loans you might be able to obtain on a secured or unsecured basis:

Home Equity Personal Loan

If you have enough equity on your home, you might be able to get a personal loan secured by your home equity. Advantages of a home equity loan are:

  • The interest rates are lower because the money is secured by your home
  • You may be able to borrow a larger amount
  • The payback term will be longer
  • The payments may be lower

A major disadvantage of using your home’s equity as a personal loan, of course, is that if you cannot repay, you could lose your home to foreclosure.

Home Equity Line of Credit

Again, if you have enough equity in your home and don’t want or need all the money at once, you might want to consider a personal line of credit secured by your home.

Major advantages of this approach are:

  • You only pay interest on the amount you borrow
  • You have control over how and when you use the money
  • The payments are interest only, so they’re usually lower

If you can’t repay the line of credit, you could lose your home to foreclosure.

Short Term Personal Loans

Short term personal loans have the following two characteristics:

  • High interest rate- This is because repayment period is so short.
  • Small loan amounts- Many online companies will only loan up to $1500 for a short term loan. Banks don’t offer more than $15,000 or $20,000. Collateral may also be requested.

An example of a short term personal loan is a title loan where you borrow an amount secured by the title to a vehicle you own. If you don’t repay, the car will be  repossessed.

Fast Cash Advance Loan


A cash advance or payday loan might be useful to take care of an unexpected expense. Characteristics of these loans are:

  • They’re easy to qualify for. Usually all you need are some paycheck stubs.
  • They have a short term life. You usually have to pay it back within two weeks.
  • The interest rates are very high. For example, you can pay up to $30 to borrow $100 at some payday loan firms.

Military Payday Loans

These loans are offered by military loan companies to assist qualified members of the armed forces in getting money when they need it. Some characteristics of these are:

  • It’s specific for men and women of the military
  • It has a low rate of interest
  • A repayment schedule can be chosen by the borrower
  • The money can be obtained even if the applicant has bad credit

No Credit Personal Loan

These loans have the following characteristics:

  • They’re designed specifically for people with no credit history
  • A credit check may not be required
  • The interest rates may be high

Make sure you read the fine print and comparison shop for these loans.

Second Chance Personal Loans

If you’ve run into an unforeseen financial crisis or a personal tragedy, you may be able to get a second chance personal loan:

  • This can be a secured or unsecured loan
  • Collateral (a home) will probably be involved
  • You will experience a higher rate of interest, shorter payback times and limits on the amount that can be borrowed.

Christian Lending Personal Loans

Some Christian credit counseling organizations also offer debt consolidation loans. This is designed to get the person out of debt:

  • You’ll work with a financial counselor to total all you bills and negotiate with your creditors to obtain the lowest monthly payment
  • You only have to make one payment a month
  • There are usually some flexible options and repayment plans available

Shop and select carefully from these and other options available for personal loans.

Getting a Loan Through an Online Lender

No matter what type of personal loan you’re seeking—10k to repair your home or $500 to buy a need car part, you can do it online.

Search- Just type in the words “personal loans online” or “online personal loans” into the Yahoo or Google search engines and you’ll see pages and pages of online lenders eager to do business with you.

Unsecured Loans- The amounts you can get online as an unsecured loan are usually from $500 to $1500. The approval process is quick. All you have to do is complete and online application, sign a post dated salary check and send it to your lender. You can usually get the money within a few hours of application.

Secured Loans- You can also apply for more money by securing your loan request with collateral. When you apply online, you get quotes from several lenders quickly. The quotes will show interest rate, APR and repayment time. That way you can compare all of the quotes online in a single place. Then you’ll usually get separate emails from the lenders requesting more information.

As with everything on the internet, do your due diligence to make sure the firm is legitimate and reputable.  You can check with your Secretary of State’s website if the lender’s deffered deposit or lenders’ license is in good standing.