Guide to the best cheap Medellin hotels

Medellin attracts many visitors for cheap prices on clothing, food and of course, cheap Medellin hotels. The city is becoming more attractive to visitors as it gradually gets the reputation it deserves. So it comes as no surprise that more cheap hotels and hostels are being established and the choice keeps improving.

A lot of people want to stay near the Parque Lleras when they visit Medellin because of the nightlife and bars and so naturally, many of the hostels are nearby. Still, there are lots of other options and it depends on what you want. Laureles has a different feel from El Poblado, as does Carlos E. Restrepo to name only a few.

You can also check out some of the other youth hostels.

Casa Kiwi

To give an impression of pricing, the Casa Kiwi hostel, that is more like a small hotel in my opinion, start at US$10 per person in shared dorms.

For US$20 you get a private room without bath and US$30 will get you a private room with bath. Fairly reasonable I think.


The 61Prado Guesthouse is fairly inexpensive beginning at US$20 for a single and US$30 for a double. The hotel is located in the old Prado area close to downtown and has a very different feel than El Poblado. The rooms are spacious and Luc who runs it, is very friendly. I've visited the hotel twice and can vouch for it being a good choice.

Hotel Nutibara

Another option, if you don't mind being right in the heart of downtown and feel a bit adventurous, is the Hotel Nutibara. I always have mixed feelings about this hotel that used to be the flagship of Medellin but much has changed since then. It's fairly old but maintains a unique style from the past with rates starting from US$ 60 for a single room and US$ 67 for a double. That's not bad.

Best Western Skyplus Hotel

This Best Western is fairly cheap with prices into the USD 50-60 range for very clean and functional rooms. It's not the most charming hotel in the world but it works and is located in a quiet and safe neighborhood in El Poblado.

Perhaps the main disadvantage is that you need to walk a few hundred meters to get to amenities, restaurants and cafes, but it's not that bad if you enjoy walking.


There are of course a number of hostels around town, but if you're looking for a little more comfort or quiet perhaps, the above hotels are more suitable. The hostel scene is fairly typical with mainly very friendly young people hanging around, playing pool and surfing the Net but can also be noisy with fumes from people smoking stuff that isn't exactly above board if you see what I mean.

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