Paragliding in Medellin, gives an indescribable sense of freedom and Medellin is an excellent location for flying

paragliding in medellin, colombia

Whether a beginner or experienced pilot, paragliding in Medellin, due to its unique geography and prevailing Northerly winds, almost guarantees superb flying conditions on a daily basis.

The community up at San Felix is supportive and friendly in helping you take a course or in giving vital information for a safe and successful flight.

If you lack a license and experience, you can simply pay for a tandem flight that usually lasts about 30 minutes and is well-worth the experience. That's how I began initially and then became hooked and took lessons and ended up doing another 20 solo flights.

The only hassle is if you do a "piano" due to lack of dynamic or thermals and end of in Bello down in the valley below. You then have to make your way back to your hotel or up to San Felix again by bus or taxi which can take an hour or so. Therefore, I recommend you not leave anything at the top, just in case. (this is highly unlikely to happen and only occurred to me while being taught to fly)

paragliding in medellin, colombia

The rates are very affordable and this could be the perfect opportunity to spice up your travels by acquiring a new skill and the rich experience that piloting a paraglider offers.

I should know, I speak from experience…

The following video is shot during a recent tandem flight I went on taking off from San Felix and landing in Bello due to the loss of thermals because of cloud build up. You look North from the take off toward the prevailing winds that build up nearly every day blowing South through the city.

All in all, the trip up to San Felix is also a good way of seeing more of the city and getting a feel for another face of Colombia. Just at the outskirt of Medellin, it still has a rural and country feel to it.

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