Hotels in Medellin

The warmth of Colombians make staying at the hotels in Medellin a delight. One of the best hotels in the city is the Hotel Park 10, particularly because of how personal the service was. I go back a few times a year to sip coffee and read in their outdoor courtyard restaurant.

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The number of hotels in Medellin has increased over the years. The selection is now wider, ranging from luxurious to functional business hotels.

Generally, the best hotels are located in El Poblado but there are exceptions, including the downtown Nutibara and some good options in Laureles.

Take a moment to consider a simple fact - most Colombians have never left their country, including the staff at top hotels. Therefore, I have discovered that it often makes sense to go with the flow instead of insisting on things being the way they are back home. Nuances in how coffee is often prepared with agua panela or eating arepa (corn bread) instead of flour-based bread are part of Colombian culture. Enjoy them.

Hotel Intercontinental Medellin

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With spectacular views, the Hotel Intercontinental Medellin is one of the finest hotels in the city. With a large swimming pool, gym and outdoor tennis courts, it's a good choice if you enjoy sports.

This is after all where Colombian president Uribe stays when visiting Medellin, so it can't be all bad...

Dann Carlton Medellin

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The Dann Carlton Medellin and the Hotel Intercontinental Medellin have been competing for first place as the most exclusive hotel in Medellin.

The Dann is falling behind a little but is also somewhat cheaper and more centrally located in El Poblado.

Service is friendly and it seems less snobby than of previous years - a bit of healthy competition can do that sort of thing.

Hotel Poblado Plaza

Hotel Poblado Plaza is situated in the heart of El Poblado.

There is an outdoor restaurant full of brightly colored birds where I often go for breakfast. The hotel is located next to the famous Oviedo shopping mall and the soon-to-be-opened Santa Fe mall that will be the largest in South America.

Holiday Inn Express

The Holiday Inn Express that was opened in 2006 offers a minimalist and functional option for the business person visiting Medellin. There is no pool but the hotel has an outdoor terrace on the ceiling. Having visited the rooms, I can vouch that they are pristine. Very Scandinavian.

Hotel Park 10

Hotel Park 10, pronounced Hotel Park Diez, is the most personal of the finer hotels in Medellin. Away from the main roads, there is less noise from traffic. I like the hard wood finishing and outdoor restaurant that is ideal for escaping the hustle and bustle of the city.

They don't have a swimming pool.

Hotel Nutibara

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Located downtown, this was once the most fashionable hotel in Medellin. It certainly has a charm of the past, but the Hotel Nutibara has seen better days.

That said, prices are fairly reasonable.

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