VA destroyed records, punished whistleblower in patient death, complaint alleges – Washington Times

Staff at the VA’s Cleveland medical center destroyed records into the death of a patient to avoid unwanted publicity, then punished a whistleblower and put her under surveillance after she revealed lapses in the patient’s care, the woman charged in a recent complaint.

Patricia Leligdon said superiors began retaliating against her in 2010 after she reported that VA medical staff could have done more to prevent the death of a veteran who died after an “altercation” with another veteran at a VA outpatient mental health clinic, according to a federal whistleblower lawsuit she recently filed against the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The accusations come as the VA tries to assure its own employees and Congress that whistleblowers won’t be retaliated against for reporting on patient safety and management problems.

via VA destroyed records, punished whistleblower in patient death, complaint alleges – Washington Times.

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  1. Sue Frasier · Top Commenter · Works at U.S. Army
    Well let me chime into this article since I am both a national veterans activist who works on the VA claims issue as one of my platforms, and also, I have personally been trapped in the VA claims process for over 40 years now. The VA is full of crap on this point and they rely on lying and deception to unsuspecting civilian news reporters to run their game. Flat out here is what I am going to expose to you. The VA, for entire decades, has been issuing deliberately FALSIFIED DOCUMENTS as valid and legitimate “ruling papers” in veterans claims and there is NO police authority for us to report this to. The VA Inspector General, for many decades now, has refused all jurisdiction on any complaints from a veteran, be it criminal or otherwise, if it has any connection to the CLAIMS process. In fact, if the news media had a brain, the VAOIG has this posted as a point, loud and proud on their official webpage. Hundreds and thousands of veterans have been handed wrong paper and criminal paper that was not even their filing case. It is here that the relentless machinery of “resubmits” continues to this very day for these veterans. AND the VA has NO forms-based filing process for toxic exposure service veterans who are pursuing group level class recognition for VA disability stemming from a common environmental exposure scenario during active duty. These toxic cases are in perpetual turmoil and are also fueling the machinery of “resubmits” (ala the claims backlog) because the VA Claims Raters are NOT licensed medical or lawyer types, but are instead, overly glorified CLERKS who are reading a computer screen to determine disability cases. Chase that LEAD and I promise you will get even BETTER headline news than what this article has pointed to. ——– Sue Frasier, Army 1970, national veterans activist.

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  2. This type of stuff is continuing every day at the VA. The woman who was the head of the VA Phoenix Medical, Sharon Helman is just one of THOUSANDS of VA EMPLOYEES who are receiving BILLIONS of TAXPAYER’S DOLLARS while our INJURED, SICK AND WOUNDED AMERICAN SOLDIER/VETERANS are SUFFERING and DYING BEGGING the VA for HELP!
    Sharon Helman’s weekly Manicure/Pedicure (paid for with our tax dollars) cost more than a YEARS WORTH of MEDICAL COMPENSATION for a disabled veteran.
    This type of THEFT of TAXPAYERS’ MONEY is going on right now at EVERY VA FACILITY across the country!

  3. The problem is our veterans are SUFFERING & DYING while BEGGING the VA FOR HELP. Veterans are losing all hope of getting HELP. More and more injured, sick and wounded veterans are hurting so badly, they see no way out except to take drastic action.
    The VA employees are still stealing all the BILLIONS of DOLLARS OF OUR TAXPAYERS’ MONEY that should be used to provide medical care and compensation for our disabled veterans!
    As of today, Thursday, January 22, 2015, these VA Executives, VA Claims Processors and VA Lawyers are still mocking and mistreating our WOUNDED WARRIORS with their VA Anthem ” DENY, DENY, UNTIL THEY DIE!”

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