Lucy Mangan for Penguin blog

We’re delighted to introduce our new guest contributor; journalist, author and self proclaimed Puffin, Lucy Mangan. Lucy will be sharing her memories from her favourite children’s books and the experience of rediscovering them as an adult and a parent and more throughout 2015, exclusively for the Penguin Blog. We for one can’t wait.

Pretty soon Penguin is going to be launching a new space dedicated to the book related things 16-19’s are loving. We’re talking author interviews, celebs, discussion, playlists, a peek into how our books came about and any other stuff you want us to make.

The Laughing Monsters

Read an extract of Denis Johnson’s latest literary thriller, The Laughing Monsters. Set in Uganda, Sierra Leone and Congo, The Laughing Monsters tells a story of espionage, state secrets and treason in a land abandoned by the future.

Calling all creative Penguins! Are you a disciple of Davros? Hungry for Who? A design
Timelord (a Designlord, if you will)? Scarves off, sleeves rolled up, and sonic screwdriver at the ready: it’s time to design.

You are the apple of my eye

Fun fact: Valentine’s Day is all about birds in books.The first recorded association between St. Valentine’s Day and romantic love is found in Geoffrey Chaucer’s poem The Parliament of Fowls – according to Chaucer, February the 14th is the day on which birds choose their mates.

We don’t want to read too much into this connection but in homage to the great poet, we’ve been doing some literary matchmaking of our own. We’ve dreamed up the perfect Penguin present pairings for the special someone in your life – and not a chocolate or a red rose in sight…


As Publishing Director at Penguin Random House, Tony Lacey is well acquainted with the antics of aristocratic art dealer, Charlie Mortdecai. Tony reflects on the adaptation process that brought Kyril Bonfiglioli’s ‘cult’ crime character to the big screen.

Harper Lee 2015

Big news! We will be publishing the recently discovered novel, Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee, under our publishing imprint William Heinemann, the original UK publisher of To Kill A Mockingbird, on 14th July 2015.