Therapy Center of Acadiana

For individuals with developmental delays.


Consultations help us tailor treatment plans.

Consultations are our staff's opportunity to sit down with parent or guardian and the potential client in order to obtain the necessary information prior to beginning services. This time is intended to gather the necessary background information including the client's medical and personal history. Furthermore, it allows an opportunity to observe the client to briefly assess them to better facilitate formalized assessment of skills.

The consultation is a time for our staff members to assess the parent or guardian's goals of the treatment. We will ask you a series of questions to ensure we have a complete understanding of the client's skill level. After the consultation, you will be asked if you are interested in seeking treatment with us. At this point, we will begin filling out the necessary paperwork to begin the Formal Assessment.

There will be a $150 fee for the consultation. If insurance has not been verified prior to consultation, this fee will be charged up-front. Once payment is received from your insurance company, TCA's Insurance Department will contact you regarding a credit to your account or a reimbursement at that time. If you do not have private insurance, a $100 fee will be collected at the time of the consultation. If needed, the fee can be split into a payment plan. Please, speak with our Business Manger for payment plan arrangements.

After the consultation, a Client In-Take Meeting will be scheduled. This is the time for our Behavior Analyst to review the results of the formal assessments and to make suggestions for an individualized treatment plan. You will have the ability to consent or refuse all proposed aspects of the individualized treatment plan. The Client In-Take Meeting will be billed as a standard session with the client present as is subject to your individual payment plan.

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