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Take the Awareness Journey to Know Yourself
A 90 day email series to support you in building inner awareness and living 7 key empowerment principles now!

Want something to change? Then you need to create change as you go through your normal day. To do this, you need to learn to be fully present - moment by moment by moment.

With inner awareness, we naturally know how to enhance our lives.

Hi. I'm Patrice Robson. I have invested in my own personal growth for decades, and I know from experience that any 'improvement' program that doesn't directly link to my life as it is now simply won't work.

We can read a whole library of self-help books but if we don't apply what we've learned, our lives will never change.

So how do we begin to fix our problems?

It's quite simple, really. We need:

  • To STOP and pay attention - to be fully present!
  • To really see and feel what's going on inside and outside of us. 
  • To choose - consciously - a new way of being and doing in that moment.

It's moment by moment, day by day, little shifts in inner awareness that miraculously transform the quality of our lives.

While it's a simple process, it's not that easy to do. Why? Because most of the time we're unconscious! We live on autopilot, stuck in familiar old habits, and we can't see our way out.

And that's how this email program can help...

With reminders, reminders, reminders!
Reminders to be fully present, to STOP and pay attention!
Reminders to break out of those habitual ways of doing things that haven't served you.

The process of building inner awareness is easy - if you remember to do it!

I will help you remember.

I'll walk you through the steps to change - over and over again!

Looking back at what finally made a difference for me, I realized that I am learning to live in alignment with 7 key principles.

Remembering these 7 principles has enabled me to be much more present and conscious in my life. Furthermore, when I am conscious and truly present and engaged in the moment, these principles guide me in how to live each moment in the very best way.

My life is so much better... I really want to share these principles and this practice with you.

We don't change dramatically overnight
But we
do change every time we make a conscious choice

With this series, you will receive short, quick emails every day for three months. Each email will guide you to apply at least one of the 7 empowerment steps.

Take just one minute each day to read the email. Then take what you've read into life with you.

You don't need to make special time for this - you apply these steps to the life you already have.

Day by day, your inner awareness will build. Every week, your life will be just a little bit different.

And every little change adds up.

It's quick, easy and so powerful!

Remember - the only time we can change is NOW
And we can only change now if we consciously choose to do so.

Build the habit of being present and conscious with
the 'Awareness Journey to Know Yourself'

You can receive the 'Awareness Journey to Know Yourself' email series for only $19/month for 3 months ( subsidies available.)

PLUS, as a bonus, you'll have full membership to my other website,

With a Higher Awareness membership, you'll have access to over 250 other 'know yourself & grow yourself' resources at no additional charge. Choose freely from our rich collection of programs to build your awareness and bring change. It's like instantly creating your own personal growth library!

Click here to start your empowerment journey now.

Your life is slipping away. Start to make it count right now.

If you want more for your life - more health, wealth, love, happiness or fulfillment - how do you actually get it?

By learning to see yourself and your life differently, moment by moment. When you experience being fully present, you will see new possibilities! Awareness is often all that's needed to bring change. It's magical!

This 'hands-on' approach to your present life holds the power to transform it.

Just read a short email daily and set an intention to be aware of its focus. No need to find time for classes or exercises. Your heightened inner awareness will change your experience of life as you live it! And this is the only way that real change is possible.

I guarantee you will experience the gifts of higher awareness if you read one email daily for just three months and take its message into life with you.

In fact, I'm offering a money-back guarantee: Find value in this program or I'll refund your last payment, no questions asked. And to further support my words, I've taken the Oath of Integrity

Please join me in releasing the gifts that come with being fully present in our lives.

Patrice Robson



Best wishes on your life journey,



P.S. I sincerely want to share the steps that are enabling me to joyously embrace life with every woman who is now suffering. If you honestly cannot afford $19 per month for this email series, please request details of our subsidy program.

P.P.S. If you are already a member of Higher Awareness, please know that this program is available through your membership.

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