Gone Bumming.

Saud Beach

And I did it again –

I ran off from this blog…

    From work…

       From the world…

Kidding. I just left for Ilocos last weekend.


Work was a total energy sucker the past few weeks and I’ve been putting off this weekend getaway for quite a while now it drives my boyfriend nuts. He does need to come home because he missed the peace and quiet only the countryside brings. I needed to leave everything behind — for quite some time anyway — because things were really getting a little quite… difficult. 

Just needed to relax. For a bit. This was the semester ender that I was rooting for. 

Now, Ima let the pictures do the talking. 



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So that was it — a weekend well spent! 

The home cooked  meals by his tita was comforting. The two kids were amusing, although I am not yet sure if I want to, you know, take care of one. Sometimes, I prefer a dog cuddling beside me rather than a toddler throwing uncontrollable tantrums. But, I’d still want to have kids someday. I mean, my genes should be passed on! It would be a  waste not to. Lol. 


The beach was perfect. It always will be. However, one soul was taken away by the waves. When we went to the hospital when we were there, (I had pharyngitis and boyfriend’s cousin was feeling a little lousy.) we saw the victims there. They were taking a selfie by the Bangui Windmills and one girl drowned. Frustrating, yes. We decided not to go to the beach after that. We went by the river to just chill by the sunset instead.


How about you? How did your week go?

{H} is for Happy Beaching in Ballybunion


Three days before my birthday, we decided to go on a mini road trip to the beach. Because we’re missing the Philippine summer and we’re kind of stuck here in Limerick with an 11C kind of weather. Thanks to C’s superb travel skills, we have arrived on the beautiful shoreline of Ballynunion Beach! It’s like 2-3 hours away from where we live here in Ireland.But before that, we stopped over at Foynes just to take a sip of the famous Irish coffee. We snacked at O’Regan’s Restaurant, a little cafe beside the Foynes Flying Boat Museum.

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Forever Grateful


Hello there, beautiful.I’m back and I’m feeling oh so blessed. SUPER BLESSED actually. I’ve disregarded the mishaps already. They’re nothing compared to the outpour of blessings and positivity in my life right now.



To start with, I just had my first VISA stamped. And I just had my first international flight. My first connecting flight. My first international flight food. Lol. I am in Limerick, Ireland right now. For work. Same work. Just an offshore training.


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The Right Way to Fly is with AirAsia Zest

So have you heard the latest travel news? Air Asia has partnered with Zest Air and they’re moving their flights from Clark back to AirAsia Zest, NAIA Terminal 4. Yahoo for the travelers out there! They’re now known as AirAsia Zest.

So, to mark this awesome collaboration, I made a Prezi tagging my destination wishlist. International and local business do have a flair of seducing their target audience I should say because this has indeed sparked that desire to travel in me once again. I should increase my travel budget a little, doncha think? It’ll be just a a teeny weeny expansion since Skytrax has affirmed that Air Asia is the world’s best low cost airline for 5 times now.

Air Asia Zest, the right way to fly to

  • Cebu, Davao, Kalibo (Boracay), Puerto Princesa, Tagbilaran, Cagayan De Oro
  • Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Shanghai, Incheon

Find out which of the places did I include in my my Destination Wishlist below.

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Images were taken from Pinterest and Google Search. I’ve linked each to their respective sources below.
Kota Kinabalu pictures:
Incheon, South Korea pictures:
Davao pictures:

Puerto Princesa Pictures:
*This post was created for the Nuffnang Air Asia Zest contest. Join here too!