Zakk Wylde Counterfeit Custom

There are so many of these Zakk Wylde Les Paul Custom guitars about, and many are thought to be genuine. If you’re going to buy one check the following: If the pickup selector switch has a surround, it’s not legit. If it appears to have a one piece maple neck, forget it, the real ones have a three piece. The volume and tone pots are speed dials, a lot of the forgeries have top hats with silver insert dials. It’s a custom shop guitar – it has a different type of serial number to the 9 digits you get on a Gibson USA guitar and it’s printed on, not stamped in, a real Zakk Wylde number starts with ZW.


  1. kyle walsh June 4, 2013 1:16 pm 

    I have a question there’s a guy on Kansas city creigs list selling a zakk custom looks like a fake to me it has a rosewood fret board the real has ebony right?

  2. admin June 5, 2013 4:36 pm 

    Originally they did, since 2011 Gibson have been using Richlite for it’s high end guitars, including the Zakk Wylde line.

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