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A Journey through the Major Arcana

with Cilla Conway



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For beginner to intermediate - see details opposite




Fresh ideas about reading the tarot, for beginners and intermediate readers

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A Journey through the Major Arcana

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The Secrets of the Minor Arcana

These two workshops will initiate you into the secrets of the tarot. Guided visualisations will help you vividly experience the origins, history and lore of myths and archetypes of the Major Arcana. A number of different decks will be available for you to discover how to journey into the cards for growth and self-awareness, and experience how these powerful images deepen and enrich your readings.

On Sunday we'll work with the Minor Arcana. Using story telling, role playing, and active imagination, we'll look at the four suits and face cards, reversals, character studies. Exercises in story-telling, active imagination, and other techniques will demonstrate how to read the cards without having to learn the meanings by rote. Looking at the cards from different perspectives - numerological, elemental, creative and intuitive - will allow us to see the images of the numbered cards as reflections of our everyday lives. Practical demonstrations and exercises will give you the confidence you need to read for yourself and for clients.

There is on-going support after the weekend, and a follow-up day for practice which will cover any issues you may have encountered in your readings, how to set up as a professional tarot reader, and how to use a combination of tarot and oracle cards in your readings.





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