Corporate Events and Parties




Parties with a difference...

The services of an experienced Tarot reader can add that special 'wow' factor to your party,
and ensure your guests remember it!


Cilla caters for promotions, product launches, special events, client or staff entertainment.
Readings normally last approximately 10 minutes, but can be shortened or extended, depending on your requirements.


Cilla reads with The Intuitive Tarot and the Devas of Creation, both designed by her. The Devas are similar to, though not the same as angels; they are invisible energies that oversee the whole of creation. The word comes from the Sanskrit meaning 'The Shining Ones'.


If required, she can give a brief introductory chat, about the Tarot.


Mimimum 3 hour booking (on site) applies. Dress: as per arrangement


Travel: no restrictions though adequate notice for travel above 30 miles is required


COST: For cost and availability, please email Cilla





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