Women's empowerment stories

An Awakening
by Karen Rice
Karen finds surprising gifts arising out of her experiences with cancer.

The Long and Winding Road
by Valerie Parr
An unwed mother decides whether or not to give up her baby for adoption.

The Gift of the Frankenstorm
by Kristin van Tilburg
What can be the gift of the Super Storm Sandy natural disaster? Kristin offers her enlightened perspective.

How a Stranger in a Strange Land Finally Found Her Way Home
by Kristin van Tilburg
Kristin shares her story of how she shed her earlier beliefs that she was a misfit to find her authentic self and her sense of purpose.

Is chasing a Life Purpose another illusion? by Melody Green
Melody challenges current perception that each of us has a specific mission in life.

The freedom of self-love and forgiveness by Joyce Boudreau
Joyce explains how we can find our way to self-love and forgiveness by taking shadow journeys.

Peace - How can I help create it in the world? by Melody Green
Melody offers a 'peace audit' to help us identify where we can strengthen our own inner peace.

Take my hand by Jenny Beard
Jenny describes the true blessings possible through loving, unconditional support.

Standing in the rain & It was time by Gail Myers
Two personal perspectives on saying farewell to someone we love.

Christchurch, Japan, what's really going on? by Vicky White
Vicky shares an inspired approach to relating to natural disasters.

Our Role in the Process of Conscious Evolution by Kristen Van Tilburg
How do we step into a bigger picture for our lives?

Just keep imagining it working by Bonnie Hutchinson
Can changing our experience of life really be this simple?

Art that makes you feel better by Annett E. Bank
Annett uses art to raise consciousness.

Open the taps by Bonnie Hutchinson
Bonnie explores how we might fix our energy drains.

Restore your Inner Home (Part 2) by Cena
Cena reflects on the value of claiming our presence.

Secrets of Healing by Ingrid Bacci
Ingrid shares the need to address unconscious emotional blocks to support physical healing.

Livin' la Vida Solo by Andrea Steen
Andrea relishes the independence of venturing out alone.

Embracing the Crone by Whitefeather
Whitefeather honoured herself at age 50 with a Croning ceremony.

Running Free by Kathie Sutherland
Kathie shares her insights of when it’s great to run and when it’s not.

The Dance of Courage by Schall Adams
Schall shares how she is learning to expand her comfort zone.

Love and Power by Bonnie Hutchinson
Bonnie shares her perspective on rebuilding from the ground up, from the inside out.

Restore your Inner Home by Cena
Why would we, as women, stay with someone who treats us poorly?

My Doldrums Manifesto by Bonnie Hutchinson
How do we get the energy moving when we’re sunk in stagnation?

Your Best Life Strategy by Ingrid Bacci
Ingrid shares the one true answer to the question of how to live well: let go of fear.

My Reinvention by Susan Heller Fisher
Susan shares her story of the steps she took to turn her life around.

When Panic Hits by Bonnie Hutchinson
Bonnie shares 7 first aid tips for when fear sets in.

Green Skies and Purple Cows.....Connect to your Creative Muse by Vicky White
Vicky offers 5 inner Feng Shui tips.

He wants you to need him. How can that be healthy? by Rachael Jayne Groover
An important relationship tip for empowered women.

Re-igniting Libido by Patrice Robson
Patrice shares insights on reconnecting with her original sexual nature.

Why Tap into the Feminine? by Laura Rubinstein
Laura describes feminine energy, why we need to tap into it and the key to connecting with this subtle energy.

The Origins of ‘Mother Wove the Morning’ by Carol Lynn Wright Pearson
Carol Lynn shares the insights and events that led her to create ‘Mother Wove the Morning,’ a one-woman play in which 16 women throughout history search for the female face of God.

20 Do's & Don'ts of a Functional Relationship by Eve Bernshaw
Eve shares 20 key tips from TheTransitionProcess™ Interactive Lecture...How to attract emotionally healthy people.

An Invitation to Join Me on my Journey of Awakening by Joyce Boudreau 
Joyce has embarked on a year-long mission to break through compulsions so she can ‘breathe and wake up to life.’ She invites you to view her daily blog and walk the journey of healing with her.

Stand in the Spotlight! by Corrie Woods 
A sample chapter from Corrie’s book, The Woman’s Field Guide to Exceptional Living, Practical Steps for Living a Big, Bold, Beautiful Life.

Letting Go of the Habit of Fear by Ingrid Bacci  
Guidance from one who knows on how to best express our caring

What is Feminine Radiance? by Rachael Kennedy 
Rachael explains that we don’t need to acquire anything to be beautiful, powerful women

Top Ten List of Ways to Help Bereaved Parents by C. Bella Kennedy
Explore how letting go of the physical sensations of fear releases the fear itself.

Walking in Beauty by Megan Lalonde
Science and commerce are offering women ever-more-powerful means to suppress menstruating. What does this do to us?

Time by Bobute, mE
Bobute encourages us to value each moment.

The Crossing by Jenny Beard
The journey of growth takes us through deep, dark waters.

The Wise Woman Tradition Empowers Women by Susun S. Weed 
Addressing health from a woman's perspective.

Authenticity by Brené Brown
A look at how shame moves us away from our authentic selves.

Space and Support to Blossom by Karen Godfrey
A grieving mom looks back on how she was unknowingly able to support her daughter’s soul path during her short life.

The Power of Nothing by Vicky White
Vicky shares perspectives and Feng Shui tips to support us in creating space that will connect us with our joy and passion.

Material for Miracles by Kathie Sutherland
Kathie debates with her inner critic.

Two poems - ‘Locomotion’ and ‘Doors’ by Lillian Brummet
Tales of a young woman growing through childhood trauma, moving through healing and finding self worth.

garden sanctuary and Dreamweaver by Kathie Sutherland
Two poems by Kathie Sutherland

Women at Heart by Karen Baker
Karen celebrates the mission of this site with a poem!

The Vagabond’s Tale by Kathie Sutherland
Kathie shares the themes that have shaped her life. They’re both uniquely hers and universal. Do you see elements of your life reflected in her story?

Storyteller by Bobute (aka Barbara Burtchett)
“My journal is the place where I become real…” writes Bobute.

Deck Chairs by Kathie Sutherland
Imagination, journaling and soul create art.

Musings on Love and Life by Gemma Halpern
Experience brings powerful insights on life's teachings.

Growing Up at 67 by Gemma Halpern
Gemma shares with us a chapter from her diary. (She's now 76.)

Reflections on Wholeness by Bobute (aka Barbara Burtchett)
Bobute shares an unusual and powerful perspective on finding her true nature through healing.

Why? by Bobute (aka Barbara Burtchett)
Bobute asks “Why?” so often but finds an answer.

Universal Alignment by Cheryl Kaye Tardif
Cheryl encourages us to have faith in our dreams!

Tired of Being Sick & Tired by Jenica Ashlie
The Feminine Heart’s deepest desire is to give and receive love.

A Healing by Robyn Dobson
The Universe uses whatever is at hand if we are paying attention, and have our hearts open.

In Search Of Myself: Growing up at 75 by Gemma Halpern
Gemma shares how a monster bug in a dark drawer transformed her life.

101 Ways to Play by Jenny Ward
Jenny encourages us to get creative in getting more fun out of life.

Joyful Work by Odayin Ikway
Do you love your work? Joy is the return for finding our heart’s calling.

Living a life of Service by Odayin Ikway
Heart Woman shares her wisdom about how we can learn to cope and even thrive in difficult situations.

Let’s Talk About Opening Our Hearts by Jafra Austin
Jafra Austin invites women to explore together the true power of women to bring about change on the planet.

WOW: Wish Only Well! by Carmen Colombo
Carmen explains how three small words stopped a cycle of violence and gave birth to her powerful WOW movement.

Give your Shadows a Voice by Gemma Halpern 
Our shadows bring messages that need to be heard and honoured. Give them a voice!

Tarot: a Tool for Inner Knowing - An Interview with Jean Ure
Explore how tarot cards can support us on our spiritual journey

Don’t Diabetes…LIVabetes!®: My Story by Laura Menninger
Through diabetes, Laura has built a new relationship with life.

Ordinary Life is Interesting Enough: Gratitude as An Essential Life-Practice by Patricia Lynn Reilly
Patricia shares the gifts of her insights into the unfolding of women’s lives.

Replacing Lies with Truth by Gertrude Halpern
In discovering her own uniqueness and beauty, Gertrude has released old habits of comparison and self rejection.

Healing After Death… by Barbara Burtchett
Barbara shares her experience with grief.

Grief, Gratitude and Hope by Karen Titanich
Karen shares unexpected blessings around the loss of her pet.

my garden; and the wind speaks, go, go*  by Patti Sinclair
Two poems by Patti Sinclair.

A Desire to Help and Smell the Roses by Bobute (the old soul) mE
Bobute (aka Barbara Burtchett) shares how she views her health challenges as a blessing.

Dreams and Goals by Brenda Lofstrom
Brenda shares a powerful feminine approach to goal setting.

Vanity’s Chains by Judy Walden
Judy challenges her life-long addiction to vanity.

The Bridge To Abuse & Healing - A Journey Into Wholeness
by Gail O’Keeffe

A story of sexual abuse and the healing spiritual journey to wholeness.

Thanks-Living, One Day at a Time by Jennifer T. Heron
Creating a praise journal keeps Jennifer focused on all that she has.

Crone Story by Mair Smith
On Niceness, breaking the rules and the richness of authenticity and wholeness.

Time with Gaelin by Luanne Armstrong
Luanne shares the gifts of time and joy with her grandson.

Sacred Gifts from Sacred Cards by Patrice Robson
Patrice shares how reading sacred cards has given her faith in higher guidance.

Creating Women's Book Circles by Catherine Maine
Catherine shares her experience in women’s book groups, and offers a way to apply circle dynamics to the joy of reading.

Heart Council by Mirelle Dupuis
Mirelle shares her first experience in a woman's spirituality circle.

A Sense of Balance by Kate Harrington
Where does power lie? In the masculine, feminine or both?

Blue Moon by Mair Smith
A woman feeling alienated from her family finds her own way to release her trapped emotions and find her peace.

Finding Gold in the Shadow by Mireille Dupuis
A glimpse at the power, beauty and meaning of our shadow side.

From Writing Practice to Authenticity by Mirelle Dupuis
Mirelle shares how she discovered new dimensions of herself through journaling.

Getting Started With Journal Writing by Mirelle Dupuis
Resources and practices that supported Mirelle in her journaling.

Hearing Into Being by Mair Smith 
Explore a way to foster true communication between a speaker and listener.

PMS to PMZ? by Patti Sinclair
A short un-researched, biased, and brief evolutionary herstory about premenstrual change time.

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