our services

administration of medications including vaccinations and injections under veterinary supervision

quality post-operative care including wound-cleaning, stitching and bandaging, all surgical procedures, ultasound, x-rays, infra-red treatments, sports massage therapy available upon request (see below)

horses fed specific to each condition and injury

complete and accurate records maintained of all treatments and medictaions

treatment for:

wind and throat operations, tendon injuries, fractures and splints,  foot abscesses, shin soreness and shin splints,  joint injuries, arthroscopes, serious paddock injuries and all major surgeries.

Equine sports massage therapy:

Massage therapy is important in preventing injuries and also has a vital role in the management of injuries, conditions and rehabilitation in all horses.

Our therapist will work with our medical team, the vet, farrier, dentist or saddler to achieve the best possible result and the therapy can be used to treat a wide variety of problems  including soft tissue injuries, back pain,  muscle wastage,  behavioral issues caused by muscle pain, rehabilitation post surgery,  lack of straightness,  age-related stiffness.

The most common problem of muscular problems is trauma, usually a slip in the paddock, a fall or getting cast – horses can do some silly things especially in the paddock!

Badly-fitted saddles are another major cause of muscular problems and it is important to get your saddle checked regularly by a master saddle fitter. Muscle problems can present in many different ways and changes in behaviour, lameness, lack of straightness or a sudden dislike of work should never be ignored. 

Keysborough Equine is a state-of-the-art  facility and equine sports massage is often a vital part of the rehabilitation process.