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 Welcome to the Students of Tarot website

This site will help you find answers to questions you might ask of the Tarot, with a choice decks. There are sections to help you learn Tarot, and provide services to Tarot readers, or just have fun! Use the Quicklinks Readings section to the left for spreads with interpretations.

Have a reading, for whatever question you wish to ask, with


Oracle Readings...

  • The Gilgamesh Oracle - let the tales from pre-recorded history be your guide; see which section of the epic tale of Gilgamesh is appropriate to you at this time, and which of the ancient humans, gods or goddesses can be your ally.   Will it be Íshtar, the principal goddess of Uruk, or maybe Shidúri, a minor goddess of wisdom always willing to serve you ale, the monster Humbába or even Gilgámesh himself? ... or Úta-napíshti, survivor of the great innundation?

  • The Anubis Oracle - a Journey into the Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt, by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf, with illustrations by Kris Waldherr. Anubis is the original visionary prophet, the oracular being that moves between the worlds and dimensions in order to inform us and open the way for deeper understanding and direction. He is the shaman priest of ancient Egypt.

  • The Devas of Creation Cards illustrate the concept of the invisible energy patterns in the universe, and can be used for self-awareness and development, for meditation, journeying, and the growth of spiritual and psychic abilities. You can also contribute interpretations, poems or other text for each of the cards.

Generate a spread...

Services for Tarot readers and students of Tarot:-

Ask for a Tarot reading,
  • Using Joan Bunning's interpretations as provided in her "Learning The Tarot" book and online course,
  • Specifying the cards in the spread, and optionally using Joan Bunning's interpretations as hints for providing your own, or

  • optionally providing your own interpretations and card-descriptors, (or with default interpretations), using high-definition graphics.
    The cards can be resized, and dragged into any spread-configuration you like. You also have the option to rotate the crossing-card,
  • Compose a spread and reading, where you specify the cards to be displayed in the spread and optionally provide your own interpretations. (classic decks or more modern decks
  • Again, place and resize the images as you wish.
  • Compose a spread and reading as above, with classic decks or some modern decks using radio-buttons for easy use.
Other things...

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