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BMC Remedy Sucks! – And Here’s Why

BMC Remedy = Bad First Impression

We've recently been requested to use BMC Remedy for incident management at work.  While I have experience with some other z/OS products from BMC -  it's shocking that Remedy is probably their most known product that generates revenue and yet so evil and all thesaurus words stemming from evil.

My verdict? Not a good solution, and here's why.

"Where's the ahhhh...."

Looks as though the person that made the initial macro (meaning the user interface to open tickets) included everything except the relevant information.

This is probably not Remedy's fault...but GUILTY for allowing such a monstrosity to occur.

I have a theory why Google, Apple, and even Facebook became giants.  They had clean solutions.

While there certainly other search engines that were in the market first; and cheaper PCs more powerful than Macs; and several MySpace and goofy social sites...

They were all cluttered!

When you needed to find the symptoms for that venereal disease A-SAP... you didn't have time to get sidetracked by horoscopes and lotto numbers.

That's why Google became the go to search engine.  One text field, and two buttons.

BMC Remedy would be the early version of Yahoo! or some other forsaken search engine...clutter with crap.

(Again, might not be Remedy that gave this defected default Trouble Ticket screen.)

Error message are not that useful

BMC Remedy Error

I've spent the last 15 mins trying to close a ticket to status "RESOLVED".   Now even though the incident has been resolved several months ago I will forever to haunted by people in theme of asking me why I didn't receive the memo about the TPS Reports.


The Irony is Captured

I just had to create a Trouble Ticket with Remedy asking how to close a Trouble Ticket in Remedy.  This might be considered a Level 2 support ticket.


I could rant on and on the ills and downfalls of BMC Remedy but that'd be counter productive.

If your organization is thinking about implementing BMC Remedy at least inquiry about the alternatives!


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