Lost Generation

This isn’t about me and it’s not about my divorce.

It’s about thousands upon thousands of divorces needlessly destroying the lives of kids and adults alike.  Children are being used as pawns – stripped of loving parents for cash by corrupt family courts.  These are not exceptions.  They are the rules.  And lawyers siphoning helpless people makes divorce the fourth biggest cause of bankruptcy in the US.

While the issues are both heated and complex, identifying what needs to be fixed is very clear: family courts.

The problem, in fact, is so significant that people who are not even touched by divorce should be in the loop.  Watch Divorce Corp for starters.  A generation of kids are being irreversibly harmed by an aggressive government system that operates without regard to the US Constitution.

10 million kids live without a dad, 2 million live without a mom and countless more have their access limited because limited access is a cash cow in America.

I’m working to get the word out; to bring attention to a social issue that affects us all.  Most of all, I’m fighting for simple, clear legislature enforcing Annual Elective 50/50 Custody to save our kids.

On October 15th, in anticipation of the Divorce Corp Reform Conference, I will begin a 400+ mile walk from Boston to Washington DC to attract media attention to this critical topic.

Please join me.  How do you want to define your role?

  • Walk with me: I have setup this web site to candidly show most legs of my journey.  In general, each day consists of three 5 to 7 mile sessions.  Explore the start dates, times and places, pick one (or part of one) and join me.
  • Write your storyNaysayers are quick to write us off as a small, extreme group of upset divorcees.  The fact is that the vast majority of us are in awful circumstances affecting our kids while driving us into poverty.  The best way for us to convey this is to share as many stories as possible.  Share as much or as little as you like.  Be anonymous if you prefer.  But please tell us your story.  It helps the cause.
  • Sponsor Me: I do have costs and will accept sponsorship to get the word out.
  • Loan me a Couch: I’m doing this on a shoestring budget and open to overnight accommodations along the way.
  • Admin Support: I need some minor administrative support in coordinating my schedule and keeping this web site updated while the walk occurs.  Requires one hour per day for the entire month.

I will be actively blogging on this site but want this introduction to remain the home page for now.  Watch for updates through the date links to the left.

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