Smokers' Rights Group Releases ''Cain Campaign for Dummies'' Video

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November 7, 2011 (MMD Newswire) -- It's both stunning and alarming how many members of the media, columnists, talk show hosts, politicians, and the general public, say they are either "baffled" or "offended" by Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain's Chief of Staff, Mark Block, smoking at the end of an ad for the campaign.

Responding to that reaction, "Cain Campaign for Dummies" is a video presentation produced by Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment (C.L.A.S.H.), a nationally active grassroots organization dedicated to advancing and protecting the interests of adults who choose to smoke cigarettes or enjoy other forms of tobacco.

C.L.A.S.H. founder, Audrey Silk, concludes, "Guess they're all in desperate need of a lesson and C.L.A.S.H. is here to provide it to them in what could be described as a remedial course in social studies.

"Considering the inability of the indignant to marry the act of Mr. Block's smoking to his words -- ignorantly convicting him (and the act) of 'promoting' smoking instead -- I'm forced to believe how few understand that there is a raging war on smokers going on. This was no promotion, glorification or encouragement to smoke. It was just someone unapologetically choosing to smoke."

The smoking is not incidental and -- despite protestations to the contrary by Mr. Cain and staff - there is a message. The Prohibitionist movement against smoking and all that it entails -- including conditioning the masses to accept and support personal vilification and censorship (on par with the Thought Police) as a prescription -- is the poster child for the trampling on American beliefs. These beliefs include the unalienable right to pursue happiness and to be left alone -- no matter if it involves undertaking an informed personal risk. Mr. Block's smoking is symbolism for returning to those fundamental freedoms. It was the exclamation point to his words "take this country back." And it's Prohibitionists who present a great illustration of the U.S. government's role in our lives gone wrong.

No one is suggesting that minors should smoke. But it's as equally wrong, and more dangerous to our way of life, to promote and condone airbrushing an otherwise legal adult activity out of America's sight as a preventative. Don't like it? Meet the "speech" with more speech (advice and instruction). It's okay to say "Don't smoke." But don't dare impose censorship to "say" it.

It's not that scenes of smoking are wrong, it's the idea that it's wrong that's been elevated to a cult status above all else and everyone's joined that cult.

It's time to take this country back from the cultists mistakenly referred to as "Public Health" and let the deprogramming begin. Smoking is okay... as an informed adult's choice. Once chosen there's nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to apologize for, and we certainly don't need anyone's approval or permission nor to be banished like criminals from view.

Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer, among others, argued that Mr. Cain should be more responsible and raise the level of dialogue.

Says Silk, "Sorry Mr. Schieffer, it's you who should be ashamed. If the highest office in the land is not the place to recognize and discuss the seriousness of government tyranny over a segment of society then where is?!?"

Everyone who failed the ad test is held back a class until they watch "Cain Campaign for Dummies."

Disclaimer: This video production is not to be construed as a direct endorsement of Cain for president. It's an endorsement of an ideal that he stands for. It's a tutorial on the Cain ad vis a vis his ideal and that is currently acting as a conduit for our ideal.

Audrey Silk Bio: Most recently profiled in the NY Times, she is also a frequent guest on radio and TV news segments, including FNC and CNN, and widely quoted in the print media about smoking/tobacco-related issues.

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