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New York, NY (MMD Newswire) May 26, 2011 - - The NYC-based smokers' rights group NYC C.L.A.S.H. (Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment), a grassroots organization established in 2000 dedicated to advancing and protecting the interests of adults who choose to smoke tobacco, invites you to attend the following event:

WHEN: Saturday, May 28, 2011, at 2:00 pm

WHERE: The Boardwalk at Brighton 6th St., Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. (In case of rain, Brighton 4th St. under the canopy)

WHAT: This is not a "protest" or "rally" per se. It's not the intent on this day to call for repeal or to simply demonstrate that we are angry (and then fall into line). This is an invitation for friends to get together like any other day at the beach to illustrate that this law will be paid the respect it deserves.

WHY: When a law is just so wrong -- enacted on the whim of the biased with the power to do so -- and no amount of reasoning with the irrational is successful, no choice is left but the last resort in order to effect change: civil disobedience.

There is NO sound scientific basis for this law. Hold the alleged evidence up to sunlight and it disintegrates.

Nor is there any social basis other than mob rule that our country's founders more than frowned upon." 75% of the population doesn't smoke so it would be an abomination to put such a policy to a vote by the people even if NY allowed such referendums. It's then we need to rely on the merits of Representative Government where the people we elect to office are under an obligation not to vote on an emotion or personal preference and to consider equal protection of the minority. They are expected to weigh all the evidence without bias and base their vote on an intellectually arrived at conclusion. Yet the majority of the body of the City Council acted no better than "the mob."

It's discrimination semi-disguised as "protecting others." This mob insists that no one should engage in a certain otherwise legal activity and they'll use force of law to impose their personal choice on others. "Denormalize" smoking, proponents say. But what they're really doing is denormalizing civil liberties to accomplish that end. No benefit alleged by Tobacco Control supersedes our right to be left alone.

It's only fitting, that on this Memorial Day weekend, we'll stand for freedom while everyone is commemorating U.S. soldiers who died while serving to preserve that way of life. What unspeakable irony that, were they here today, they wouldn't be allowed to smoke "for their own good."


These were C.L.A.S.H.'s closing remarks to the NYC Council Health Committee at their October 14, 2010, hearing about this law:

Approve this and soon I'll be here again testifying against your plan to ban smoking in homes. Well I don't think so. This is where we draw the line. It's time to flip the script. The danger is now absolutely you, not me. It's this behavior by government that's toxic and nasty. It stinks. Compared to what we're witnessing today, cigarette smoke smells like roses. The shame to bear is yours, not mine. There is more dignity in smoking this cigarette than in the game of malice disguised as virtue being played here. The right to be intolerant ends where our civil liberties begin. The informed choice to use a legal product is normal. What you're doing here today is the aberration. When the law is an ass then it's our duty to revolt. Pass this, go ahead. We will not comply and those who respect the promise of freedom and individualism in this country - rather than your self-aggrandizing collectivist ideology of a "healthy city" that you think allows you to turn us into your lab rats -- will give us this pass. You're only deluding yourselves if you think they don't outnumber the squeaky wheels in this room. -- Audrey Silk, Founder

See full testimony here that includes rebuttal to the scientific arguments regarding protection of non-smokers.

Audrey Silk, Founder
Phone: (917) 888-9317


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